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  Dont hate the player, hate the game. 
Apple. basically mocked the orders of the UK judge and made a fool of him. Not agreeing with his ruling is one thing, but to bring in other European courts decisions is going too far. This is contempt of court.
    If you dont like Korean TV's and "dont buy it".   You've just contradicted your own statements.   How crazy is that?       The issue at hand: Seems like  you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.       Because you know more about patent laws than the patent lawyers themselves.
  Not with Tim Cook at the helm. The guy is all about numbers.   The fixed costs alone in maintaining facilities will make him balk at the proposal.     Many people say that Apple makes a lot more profits than Samsung does.   But Samsung still makes tons of profit even when they have high fixed costs (factories, equipments,  R&D facilities).   Just imagine what their profits would be if they had none.
  You obviously dont understand that there are more competitors out there than just Apple.   Open your mind and look outside the box.   It's not just Techcrunch   http://blogs.wsj.com/digits/2012/10/23/samsung-havent-cut-lcd-supply-for-apple/
That is just further proof that the USPTO is not doing their job.
Seems like Apple just wants to patent anything and everything, hoping the slow response by the patent office will give them enough time for legal injunctions and block competitors from releasing products.   Or in other words, becoming a practicing patent troll.   Wasting thousands if not millions of dollars of tax payers money (through the USPTO) with frivolous "patents".   What they are doing is abusing the system to take advantage of it and to, ultimately,...
  You talk like Apple can reign supreme for many years. Remember how Nokia was #1 not too many years ago? The same thing could happen to your love child.   Samsung has diverse businesses that can supplant each other with funds and core competencies. Therefore, they can weather the various storms thrown at them in both booms and bust times.  Apple, on the other hand, do not have that luxury.     Take a look at this:         All those statements are from someone who...
  That statement just attracts people like me to fire back the bullet you've just shot.   Here are FACTUAL queries from Google.     "broken samsung tv"    About 12,000,000 results   "broken iphone"   About 235,000,000 results   That is close to 20 times more results.   Oh snap.       Just to be fair   "broken galaxy s" About 19,100,000 results   See how that works?
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