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  With slimmer profit margins.   Apple just got Samsunged.   Increased quality issues and yield issues is whats in store for Apple from now on.   Good luck. They are gonna need it.     LG has also said their profit margins from supplying components to Apple is hair thin.   Apple is the ultimate loser in this. No one wants to jump on board a customer who demands hair thin profit margins. Samsung, on the other hand, has its own division to feed its production. Also, they...
These comments....hilarious.
I call BS.   The reason why it was removed was to cut costs, while INCREASING the price, beefing up its margins even more.   There are plenty of thin ambient sensors available.
      I guess this is just a warehouse to you. Cant deny FACTS.   I'm eagerly awaiting your comeback.   http://www.samsung.com/global/business/semiconductor/
Checking in.
Hope Sprint is okay with its new Korean owner.  
  Care to elaborate?
  Um... America is China's bitch...Today.
Although the loss of Apple as a foundary client will hurt them, it wont hurt them as much as some proponents here like to boast.   Apple is notorious for squeezing their suppliers' profit margins to be hair thin.   Samsung is getting most of their profits from the mobile phone division, not from their semiconductor business like they used to.   Also, like Samsung said, the loss of Apple will help alleviate space for other companies to to take up Samsung's...
  You are missing the point here.    Apple copied and got caught doing it. By settling, they've basically agreed that they did indeed copy, which goes against the very thing that Apple is accusing Samsung of "slavishly copying" their design.    Isnt that quite QUITE an ironic thing to say?    It's like telling others not to be a bully when you yourself just stole the little kid's lunch money no less than 10 minutes ago.    Therefore, Apple is basically hiding under the...
New Posts  All Forums: