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Remember what happened to Apple when they "dropped" Google.  
Try this:   Spit up into the air while you are lying down flat on the floor. Where does that spit end up? In your face.   This is what Apple is doing.   They sue Samsung for "slavishly copying" their patent or trademark, yet THEY (Apple) themselves are doing the very thing.   Therefore, this raises HUGE credibility issues for Apple not to mention whether their TRUE intent in pursuing with the lawsuit was mearly to "protect IP", instead of killing...
  Whats with your obsession on size? O_o
I applaud the Korean courts for sticking fervently with its mission of being objective despite Samsung's home court influence in almost everything.   At least the Korean courts have the common courtesy of waiting until an official response from the other side before issuing an official ban unlike the ones in the US.   The Galaxy Nexus ban was overturned just today by an appeals court for Judge Koh's "abuse" of its discretion.   Lets not get too political here. We are...
At least we can all agree on that there is some serious problems with patent laws.
Those figures are from the amount of users logging onto the Android developers website. That represents a fairly minor population and is most definitely not a reflection of what is going on in the general population.
  Be more specific. When someone says "specifications", it is generally regarded by the industry as hardware specifications. How does the GS3 "fall short" in that regard?
I thought specs werent important for Apple fans.   It's about the ecosystem and the apps, remember?       0.5" difference between iPhone 4S and 5.   0.8" difference between GS mini and GS3.   Obviously, the picture is not drawn to scale.
Samsung isnt a "copier". The trial was rigged from the start and will get a retrial or even better thrown out in the future.   Once that happens, I'm selling my shares in Apple. :D
Any objections or critical statements made by myself or others will be regarded as "pathetic" in the eyes of the fans. So it doesnt matter what kind of statements I make. Whats the point? Any valid facts and figures mentioned that goes against the Apple thinking will be deemed a troll worthy or an Android fanatic.
New Posts  All Forums: