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    This is why I made that statement, SolipsismX.
You can still buy the S9110 online right now.   http://www.electronicsforce.com/samsung-s9110-unlocked-watch-no-contract-cell-phone-p-56886.html#googlebase   http://www.cell2get.com/samsung-s9110-unlocked-watch-cell-phone-p-1900.html#googlebase   AI is also missing the second generation Samsung Watch Phone         This next one is the third generation                   Now that there is enough proof that...
The majority of the profits/money isnt in foreign banks or deposited in foreign companies or hedge funds. They are all inside the financial statements and physically in control by Apple. What they are doing is reclassifying these funds as "permanently reinvested" money. This would relieve them from the scrutiny of the IRS.   What they are waiting for is for a tax holiday so that they can immediately transfer their "permanently reinvested" funds in their books and...
  Source: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-03-06/samsung-s-patent-spat-with-apple-spurs-u-s-lobbying-push.html     Apple don't look so innocent after all.
  You certainly are missing the point. Do I really have to explain this?   Okay.    Since most people on here are claiming that Samsung is making "cheap" "plasticky" phones that are of "low quality" and "crap", I was pointing it out that their "plastic" is not "crap" nor are they "low quality". Since their phones are made out of polycarbonate (the kinds that are used in bullet proof vests). Meaning, they are not "cheap" and "low quality".    Instead they are "high...
Samsung is a multi faceted company focusing on multiple areas all at once.   They use the diversification strategy to their advantage. This is what makes them survive.     I believe you have a misspelling. Should be "copying".   Are they copying?   No. Sharp negotiated an investment from Foxconn but that didnt turn out well. So their next investment client was to look at Samsung.   Samsung then agreed to invest in Sharp as its already a supplier to them.     Samsung is a...
Samsung's Galaxy S3 is made from Polycarbonate.   Here is an article about Polycarbonate stopping a bullet.   http://www.inthehopper.org/industry-news/polyurethane-stops-bullets-could-work-in-body-armor/
This is great news for people whoe love cooking (me).   No need to touch the screen to possibly flip pages or scroll down the page reading recipes.   Could possibly use left blink for (left click), right blink for (right click), double blink the left for (double click).   I hope they incorporate hover screen technology too.   No more hand smudges on the screen! :D
Not being able to prove it does'nt not mean that harm has not been done.   It just that proof can not be reliably presented in the court of law.   At the end of the day, more information than necessary is in the hand of those who did not get permission.
They are dropping it because Apple has listened to their demands.   There were side hand deals that the public will never know.  
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