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  Since Apple is always regarded as the "brilliant" and "innovative" company, why did'nt they come up with it at first?    It's proven that multi-tasking improves productivity and saves time. That is why people at work have multiple monitors to keep track of different things all at the same time.    On this tablet, you can watch movies (both stream and SD card on a "pop up window" similar to a PIP window in TV's) while surfing the internet and checking email, all at the...
This tablet can do true multitasking: side by side apps running at the same time.    You can not do that in any of the the iOS software.    Even Microsoft's Windows 8 cant properly run two SAME SIZE windows next to each other like this Samsung can.        Not only that, you can dynamically adjust the screen sizes for each apps.    If the Galaxy Note II is any indication, this should also run up to 16 apps AT ONE TIME.    That is innovation. 
  The first sentence in the article gives what the definition of "smart connected devices" is.   This just tells me that you fail to read the article. Not only that, you also made up your opinion even before you read the details.
I thought Apple will never go into OLED?   Apple fans, care to explain?
Seems like a lot of people are taking notice of competitor's product in this Apple site.   Give credit where its due.
Anything with a rectangular screen with a touch screen interface is regarded as a "copy" by Apple fans.   What gives?       Multi-core processors splits the tasks into smaller chunks. Each core (lets say 4 cores) takes on 25% of the total load. After the 25% load is done, they go into hibernation mode, thus saving battery. Each core processor does not have to use all of its power to do the work, generating less heat and less resistance.   A single core or dual core...
There is a difference between build quality and build materials.   What you are arguing about is build materials, NOT build quality.   Samsung has excellent build quality. The build materials, on the other hand, could be debatable.
Prove that he did not notify Apple.   Then lets talk.   Also, this isnt the first time Apple had this issue raised before. According to your logic, now that Apple had months since the last release, shouldn't they now have been fixed?   This latest video clearly shows that they certainly havent listened or at least bothered to check it.
  Shareholders are the owners of the company.   Management must perform their fiduciary duty to be aligned with shareholders interest.   That is what a corporation does. If the owners wants it, management should listen.   Thing is, management is also part of the owner, hence, the conflict.
This is to all those fans who said iOS doesnt need "multi-core" CPU to run its OS because its "efficient" and "fast".   Who is talking now?       The game has certainly changed. What once Apple's boasting about them not "following the market trend", now without Jobs, they are certainly "following the trend".   First, the iPad mini. Many thought within the Apple camp there would NEVER, I repeat NEVER be a smaller iPad. BAM iPad Mini.   Second, there...
New Posts  All Forums: