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Try creating opposing statements to disprove any of my statements rather than arguing about the lack of "facts".   I re-read my statements. It's just as I expected. People who takes things personally should do a mental check.
I'm glad at least we have one person in the Apple camp who disagreed with Jobs and his tendencies to take things personally.    This is about business, afterall, not about life styles. Leave those to the fanboys who just love to debate nonsense online with no progress.    This just proves that Apple's relationship with Samsung was critical (in the words of Cook) to Apple's survival and its business.    Samsung, on the other hand, didnt quite need Apple as...
And before LG, this guy worked at Samsung.   AI, again, leaving out juicy information that would make Apple look bad.   Tsk tsk.
  If the Co-founder of Apple says his opinion about his company's products, should'nt people listen?   Why dismiss him for saying what is already evidently true?   I willing bet money that Steve has a much closer association with the company than you do.   Perhaps its time to drop the veil of bubbled up egoes and start looking at the reality.
  I does mean that Apple should not (or can not) be compensated by the ITC as they dont have enforcement powers except an import ban.   You are trying to steer this case into the wrong direction.
Hahahahah   Brazil is one of the biggest growth markets in the world part of the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China).   Yet, Apple cant get its trademark name "iPhone" promoted.   What is worse is that the name was already taken by another smartphone powered by... wait for it.....Android.   How ironic. :D
Your stuck-up thinking goes counter intuitive to the very essence of capitalism.   Apple will be in a dire hurt if they indeed listen to what you have to say. What you are wishing for the company is the very opposite of what an Apple fanboy should be demanding. You are basically appealing for its destruction.   It is inevitable for Apple to follow what the consumers are asking for. Too bad it will be an uphill battle for them as Samsung has a very large lead in that area...
lol love it. :)
Questionable timing of the report's release.   Just when the avalanche of stock sell off, Apple insists its doing the world a favor by being proactive in labor practices.
  Of course.   Apple will soon have a lower priced iPhone, more diverse selection of phones and more hybrids to tailor to the market's needs (something that Jobs and Co. vehemently denied) just like what Samsung has already been doing for all these years.   Apple's business plan is to change. It's just inevitable. The biggest growth in smartphone ownership is in the emerging markets, specifically the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China). These are the markets...
New Posts  All Forums: