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Questionable timing of the report's release.   Just when the avalanche of stock sell off, Apple insists its doing the world a favor by being proactive in labor practices.
  Of course.   Apple will soon have a lower priced iPhone, more diverse selection of phones and more hybrids to tailor to the market's needs (something that Jobs and Co. vehemently denied) just like what Samsung has already been doing for all these years.   Apple's business plan is to change. It's just inevitable. The biggest growth in smartphone ownership is in the emerging markets, specifically the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China). These are the markets...
You wont ever see Apple in the $700 share price anymore.
  You can do that with other alternative products that are generally cheaper and varied in selection. That added savings could help her accomplish other tasks and goals. Her initial judgement about "status symbol" was spot on. People living to impress others makes me laugh all the time.
Not so smart if you are using the legal system as a base for protection.   How about innovating instead of litigating?
  BS   And you know it.
Strike 1: Move to Apple Maps.   Strike 2: Move to in-cell touch display   Strike 3: Move production of A6 to TSMC.   Software, hardware, and production.   Apple's got it all! :D
  You could do better than that.   Try again.
Looks like Apple wants to copy Samsung and go into alternative energy.   http://www.shi.samsung.co.kr/Eng/product/wind_overview.aspx
We've got too many armchair lawyers here.  
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