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  iPad, iPhone, iPod were all used by others before Apple decided to purchase the rights to the names.   None of it were originally Apple's.   I'm guessing this is one of those facts that the mind tends to "forget" if it goes against one's arguments.
Apple has exactly 2 months to appeal or the "prelim" becomes final.   Final or not, its not a good first step.   The entire trial hinged on a few patents. But now those patents are being questioned for validity.   Therefore, this will be grounds for a retrial.   Like was mentioned before, Apple faces an uphill battle with this one.
No worries. We are used to it.
Sooner, rather than later, Apple will have to change its business plan and start cutting down its prices (and thus its margins) to compete in the growth markets (BRIC countries being the prime example).    Slowly, Samsung and others will start taking more of Apple's customer away (as it is doing it now).    You cant just stick to the add-value proposition forever. Your market shares will inevitably decline and your leverage for cheaper components will also...
They are viewing it wrong.
About damn time. About damn time.
Stock manipulation by the big boys.
Cant come up with it on their own?
At least one thing we can all agree on: lawsuits only stiffle innovation.
  Apple would never have existed if Steve's father (biological) pulled out. :D    
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