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  Without Motorola's innovative contributions to the standard, Apple would not be able to do its thing.   Whether Motorola shares it with the community or not is besides the point. The bottom line is: Motorola made the innovation in the first place (not Apple) and Apple is enjoying the benefits from it. They are just purchasing innovation and calling themselves "innovative" with their marketing spins.   Innovation isnt just visible to the naked eye (as most people on here...
I guess you've missed my point.    Swtiching from the A6 to the Exynos is a heck of a lot easier than switching from an x86 processor to an ARM.    THAT was my point.          Key word "Now".    Because before, Samsung engineered a lot of Apple's processor for them. Wanna know why a lot of recent Samsung chip engineers were hired by Apple? Because they were working on their A series chips for them in the prior years. Matter of fact, I know one member in the church that I...
Just stating the facts. Dont take it personally.
Wrong.   Apple's move to shift suppliers isnt good for the long haul from the suppliers point of view. Apple squeezes its supplier and demands lower prices constantly. No one is going to continue to work with a customer who constantly demands lower prices that would squeeze the margins of the supplier.   TSMC is rumored to allocate most of its capacity to Apple. The other clients that are displaced will most likely go to Samsung as their capacity is open. Samsung is...
As expected, Apple had no choice but to give in.
  You certainly dont have a clue how Koreans work do you? Having bee associated with them for 3 years, I have personal experiences on how Koreans (in general) function; work ethics, mannerism, culture etc.   You, on the other hand, probably have no association or even know anyone who is Korean around you. Just a wild guess.
  The South has enough firepower to defend itself without the assistance of the US. The US has bases on that country only for its own self interest. I was stationed in  Korea years back.
What did I tell you, Koreans dont give in.  
  Not sleazy. That is just plain smart.   Samsung raised the price of components because they know that they have Apple on lockdown.   Apple had no choice but to accept the terms because they had no alternative.   There is a news articles that states this. Apple first balked at the increase in price, but finally had to give in due to lack of an alternative.   Samsung knew this and squeezed. That is business smart, not sleazy.       While I'm at it, it's rumored that TSMC...
  Dont need to. That is the beauty of a vertically integrated company. The extra supply will go into Samsung's increasing sales of their Galaxy phones.
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