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No lesson to learn from people like yourself.   I dont have hate for Apple. I own Apple shares. I'm a part owner of the company.   My contribution to this site and others is the instigate Apple to be better company by exposing or discussing its faults so that they will become a better one in the future. Anything wrong with that? Perhaps you shouldn't jump to conclusions before knowing the full picture, hm?
Thank you for acknowledging me amongst all the others. I'm flattered. You will see me more often. :D
    Says who? You dont work for Apple nor do you know anyone who do (the same goes for myself).   You are only saying those things just to heal your downed ego. Admit it.   In the world of business, no one can go at it alone. You need cooperation. There is not feelings in business, only the bottom line is what counts. No amount of harking and barking will change that fact.   P.S. You see that share price indicator on the top right corner of this page? Expect to see that...
hahahahah.   Like I said before, share price will dip into the $400.     Never going to happen.     Yeah, like manufacturing their components right? You wish. No man ( or company) is an island.
Arrogance back fired.    Lesson learned.
  What?   Why are we talking about martial arts all of a sudden?   Where in my statement do I associate martial arts with Koreans?   This is a classic example of pulling things out of the backside.       Dont worry. Apple's share price will dip into the $400 sooner than expected. I've already sold mine. :D   With Democrats increasing the capital gains tax rate, Apple's continued trouble with production, no new product introduction until next year, management shakeup and...
HTC settled because they are not making moolahs.   Samsung, on the other hand, will probably go all the way.   Koreans dont like to give in.
Short short short short. :D
  There are loopholes and entire departments in major companies dedicated into finding said loopholes to minimize the tax burden of each corporation.   I have friends who work in the tax department of Xerox, GE, Proctor and Gamble who do nothing but scour thousands upon thousands of pages of legal tax code to find and utilize those loopholes. Their  compliance department only consists of 10% of their entire tax staff with the rest going to "tax planning", a legal practice...
  A third party who is independent (the courts no less) from this entire issue declares a verdict and you, who is obviously biased, dont agree with the terms?    Say it aint so!       Dont you need to be spewing about user interface and ecosystem rather than specifications?   I thought specs were "not important" (direct quote from another Apple fan). Apparently, with your admission, it IS important.   Please stick with the same logic as your other compatriots.
New Posts  All Forums: