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Samsung is a major partner in this. Lol Samsung is everywhere
http://www.arirang.co.kr/News/News_V...Ne2&category=2 Video MMS://s3.arirang.co.kr/News_Chunk/2200News_300k_2011-04-29_chunk_3.asf
Read more carefully. Its just a court opinion. Nothing is final until the ITC approves it.
It's not Samsung who made the customizations for the carriers. It's the carriers who made the customization from the Galaxy S world phone. Now that the Galaxy S made a name for itself in the market place, the customization would be at a lower level than before.I'm afraid Samsung isnt done with Apple just yet. They are probably looking through out their vast patent base to dig up even more patent infringments by Apple. Samsung is the worlds 2nd largest holder of patents...
They paid zero tax because of tax loopholes on subsidiary or overseas operations. Any money generated from a companies external or overseas operations are not taxed by US law. Even if they are US headquartered companies. There are billions upon billions of dollars just sitting in foreign bank accounts under US companies ownership. Nobody wants to brings these cash into the US for fear of them getting taxed. There are talks in congress of plugging this loophole for good....
http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-0...s-lawsuit.html This time, instead of Germany, Japan and Korea, its in the US.
http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/...7FR09520110428So it seems like its not just the Apple A5, NAND flash, RAM memory and LCD screens but also batteries to the mix.
Your reading into it too much. People eat popcorn when they see drama. I see drama unfolding before me, thus the popcorn. Having to explain this is making me my head.
Perhaps in your ill fated world that is the case. I'm bringing reality to the fore front, keeping fans in check.People should be well rounded in regards to what is going on in this world. A one sided view can distort many truths.I bet you've already taken a look at my prior posts. No?
New Posts  All Forums: