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  The judge's order was to publish on their website and print that the Galaxy Tab does not infringe on the design "patent" of the iPad. (aka "does not copy")
  Perhaps you should hear more rulings before calling it "most ridiculous" you've "ever heard of".    You say one thing, the other party says another thing. Where do you go to resolve this dispute? Court.    Court ruled one thing. That is the end. Enough said.    If there are other methods of resolving disputes, besides using the legal system, I'm all ears. 
  Sorry but that is the wrong analogy. 
BS.    Substance vs form.    Apple may have followed the form but they certainly have not followed the substance of the judge's order.    The judge's orders were to state that Samsung's product does not "copy" Apple's product; not to go ahead and throw in extraneous information to try and mitigate their admission.  Not only that, they compared the UK's ruling with rulings from other countries, which has no relationship with the one in the UK!. Apple basically said FU to...
Hahahahahahahahahah   Apple is just eating their own words.    That is what you get for making snarky obviously sarcastic statements. 
  If Apple was so great, why dont they make it themselves? 
  I was right. It was contempt of court. lol  
  How about focusing on the topic at hand and not the people behind such statements?   Your response should've been on WHY this patent isnt absurd instead of attacking the "trolls".   Attack the idea not the people behind the idea. In other words, dont hate the player, hate the game.
  Dont hate the player, hate the game. 
Apple. basically mocked the orders of the UK judge and made a fool of him. Not agreeing with his ruling is one thing, but to bring in other European courts decisions is going too far. This is contempt of court.
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