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Apple has no case. Apparently, Apple's lawyers forgot about this.
Nobody is talking about the counter suit of wireless patents against Apple? They could potentially halt all sales of iPhone and iPad in the US. Why aren't people talking about this? There could potentially be a halt of sales of BOTH Galaxy devices AND iPhone/iPad devices.
Samsung Grippad predates the Newton. It was marketed back in 1989. Newton was introduced in 1993.Whats funny is that Apple is trying to sue for the mear rectangular and "round corners" and touch pad like interface. This was introduced by Samsung before the iPhone 1st Gen. All Samsung has to prove is that, they had precedents and patents before the iPhone and the lawsuit is over. Once that happens, Samsung will most likely counter sue to brand image damages and also go...
Then show me its rankings then.I'm gonna say that now Apple might have just awaken the sleeping giant when it comes to patents. Is Apple ready for a counter patent lawsuits of all the electronic technologies that Samsung has in the field of battery, semiconductors, displays and the like?
The same outcome for the Samsung case. Apple is just wasting litigation money and time. Lawyers will be more than happy though.
They do. Samsung #2 on the Top 10 patent holders for 2010. Apple isn't on the list. http://247wallst.com/2011/01/10/the-...s-by-company/#
The writer wants to put the words "unstable performance" into the Apple's fans vocabulary. Cant you see the subliminal message?
I beg to differ. They are getting desperate. Apple is feeling the pinch of their competitors encroaching on their market share. This is just another method of cock blocking.
Have you talked to any Samsung execs about that? Or are you just speculating the whole thing? I bet you'll get a different answer when you talk to the head of the mobile division.Business 101: No one spends money (expense) to break even or lose money. They are in the business to make money. The only way to make money is to win market share which is a leverage used to gain lower cost components which further increases making money. Your talk about "they dont care" is just...
I just love to stir the pot.
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