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You have the option to arrange it to whatever you feel like it (messy, clean, static, dynamic, hot color, dark color) You DONT have that option AT ALL in iOS. The iPad your friend has is almost the same as yours, sans background display.
Isnt it sad when the factory workers cant even buy the products that they make? All these companies whose using Foxconn ( Sony, Dell, HP, Apple and many others) to try to gain an extra buck should be ashamed of themselves.
So much for DOA. Galaxy Tab global sales top 600,000 units http://www.asianewsnet.net/home/news.php?id=15628
Apple is going to have to throw a HUGE kitchen sink because the Android camp is going full steam ahead in the enterprise world. Samsung is leading the charge as of right now. I have a buddy who works for them and he says Samsung is in negotiations with quite a lot of enterprise companies and even universities about it. Of course he refuses to name who they are. Understandable.
Perhaps it was running multiple programs in the background? Perhaps it was a demo unit? Perhaps it was a lemon?I had the complete opposite experience from what you had believe it or not.
Wasnt this the same scenario for the iPad during the initial launch?And the iPad isnt made in China......
Samsung is doing just that at Best Buy. Selling the Wifi only version for $499 with no contract.
The screen already exists in lab form. However, Jobs said a high resolution screen will NOT be the way to go as you would have to "sand your own fingers". Personally, I wont be too surprised once the 7" market starts gaining ground and Jobs starts to eat his own words. He says this market will be DOA, well lets see about that. Samsung, for example, has done its own extensive market research on what people want. Remember, they have been in the mobile phone/ mobile...
Lets wait until the two Korean giants have products out the market before we start bashing. Personally, I think this is Job's way of preempting the market in favor of schewing the anaylysts/investors in Apple's favor. If Jobs is wrong, it could back fire on him pretty badly.
New Posts  All Forums: