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Wrestled with this two nights ago. Gave my (still awesome) iPad 2 to my daughter and went with the New iPad. I love the form factor of the Mini but the beautiful Retina screen and significant horsepower increase was enough to sway me.
Don't plan to even give it a try. Very happy with Apple Maps.
All the talk about Apple going down to a 5400 RPM drive has got me a little concerned. Can anyone comment, at a practical level, the impact this will have on performance? Will it really be noticeable? We use our iMac at home - surfing, gaming, music, photos, etc.   Thanks.
I was able to download and install Java 7 from Oracle with no problem.
Excellent. Thanks. I also discovered that even though the release notes say that the Java Preferences are removed (and indeed, looking in the Utilities folder you will no longer see Java Preferences) you can do a system search for "Java Preferences" and still get access to it. Although now the functionality is limited to enabling or disabling Java:  
Could someone explain to me how the Mountain Lion update for Java updates Java to 1.6.0_37, while at the same time removing it (and requiring Java 7 to be installed from Oracle's site)?
Finally got my "your delivery has shipped" email from Apple. And now when I check the shipping status it has changed from end of day Friday to 10:30 AM Friday! UPS never delivers to my neighborhood that early. They must really be planning a ramped-up effort for these early shipments.
Had planned to renew our Columbus Zoo membership at the end of the month. Now I'll get to do it with Passbook and my new iPhone 5 (scheduled for delivery this Friday). :)
We used Edmunds a few weeks ago to send out requests to car dealers for Internet pricing quotes. 30 hours later we had purchased our car from the dealer with the lowest quote, but we are still getting calls from many of the other dealers (they can't seem to take no for an answer). This app would have been perfect for our situation.
This is exciting news! I just upgraded our 8 year old non-HDMI receiver to a Pioneer Elite VSX-52 AVR. It has built in AirPlay which works fantastically for streaming our music from our iPhones/iPads, but it doesn't stream video. At least 10% of the reason for upgrading was to prepare for installing Apple TV. Now I'll just wait for Apple TV 3.
New Posts  All Forums: