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The "book look" (as opposed to the full screen layout) is one of my favorite things about iBooks when compared to apps like Kindle, Nook, etc. I think Apple really nailed the look and feel of a real book (to the extent a virtual book can), and so there's no way I'm turning off that feature. But I like the night reading mode.
I wonder if the rumors of an Apple television set will hurt sales of Apple TV.
This looks like a nice feature but for sending postcards I've used the Simply Postcards app on several vacations and love it. If you buy 30 credits each postcard sent in only $1.00. But for occasions that require cards I plan to use Apple's Cards.
I love all things Apple and have many Apple devices in my home, but I also love movies and have a nice collection of Blu-ray titles. If the Apple TV wouldn't support Blu-ray, either an internal drive (ideal) or thru HDMI, I wouldn't buy it, no matter how badly I would want it. \
Actually Disney has games for the iPhone (TS Mania, for example). They've been available for years. Maybe now there are going to increase their effort in developing for iOS.
Amen to that. Having been an Apple and Disney fan for many decades I'm constantly reminded and amazed at the vision of Walt and Steve. Looking at wait-times on my iPhone app for Haunted Mansion really drives the point home!
I'm thrilled Apple is offering Lion on a thumb drive. I have Leopard on my iMac and was concerned that I would have to install Snow Leopard, then install Lion. This way I only have one installation to perform and have Lion on a thumbdrive as a backup. I think the price is reasonable.
Not even cool Wiz - I just got my iPad 2 on Friday! I need more time to enjoy being at the top of the hill before Apple releases the next 300 pound gorilla.
My cousin's been a Windows guy all his life, and several weeks ago just built his PC dream machine - Sandy Bridge, mega RAM, Win 7, the works. But on a whim he also bought an iPad 2 a few weeks later. Now he says he almost never uses the PC and wish he hadn't built it - he can't sing the praises of the iPad 2 loud enough. So I can see how the iPad could cannibalize PC sales.
Is the implication that this new supplier would resolve the bleeding-light issue?
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