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Apple should go to dual cameras on the back. There are so many things people could do with biopic device
Edit: this was suppose to be in response to post that iWork is diminishing MS. I'm typing on an iPhone.No it won't. Apple Pages is almost worthless for business. Believe me, I try every new update to make it work. I'm the guy that convinced a law firm to allow Macs to access the firm database and now 10% of our law firm is running Macs as our only machines. But Pages and Apple mail are shit.
IWork is horribly incompetent. For example, it is impossible to do paragraph numbering in Pages. You can't even do a hack job of paragraph numbering because it won't let you set the second line indent to a negative number. It may seem like a stupid thing, and it is stupidly simple to fix, but Apple just sticks it's f'ing head in the sand when it comes to critical features for business people. I mean seriously, is paragraph numbering really a "power feature"? There are...
Agreed. In fact, why doesn't Intel buy AMD? They should be able to pass the regulatory hurdle now. They certainly don't have market power anymore. I think Intel-AMD merger makes more sence than the HP-Compaq merger.
English is my native language and Siri can't understand me even when I don't use epithets.
Agreed. However, Intel's bigger problem is there is less value in Intel making a faster, more efficient chip. The improvement in desktop performance is almost zero for most people and laptop performance improvements, while valuable, are for a relatively small and shrinking market. Apple and software developers are closing in on desktop performance with iPad. There is nothing Intel can do and nowhere to go except maybe contract manufacturing. Their market is going to be...
LOL, nice comparison. By the time the proof is available, everyone will have forgotten about it.
What information does IM use provide to FB that is so much better than what it gets from FB? I'm really struggling to see the rationale for buying an IM service.  And to pay $50/user when the revenue is $.99/user is truly puzzling.  I'm starting to wonder if I'm missing something because this purchase looks beyond stupid. 
Really?  Why?At least Larry Page made the world a better place.  I use Google everyday and I think I'm more knowledgable and effective as a human being because of it. In contrast, fanatic users of Facebook are often worse people because of their Facebook habit.  
$15B in stock might be big enough to move the needle even if all of it were restricted (which its not).The more fundamental question is "how does FB get a return on investment?"   Someone suggested WhatsApp is a threat.  I don't use WhatsApp, but I'm not seeing how its a threat to FB. 
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