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Did Samdung supply the photo with the person holding the device?  The computer and accessories on the desk look like shit. The white shirt the person is wearing looks like something you would see on a homeless person going to church. The ball point pen is of the type that collect in your drawer because nobody will use it.  
Flip it upside down and it will be on the other side. Doesn't seem like this would work very well on a device as thin as an iPhone because it is too thin.  There wouldn't be much to see. I don't know how thick a galaxy note is, but from the picture of the person holding it, the side is barely thick enough to see anything.  Of course, this creates a huge conflict in design because the UI people will want a thicker screen and the hardware designers will want a thinner...
Is there any chance the M7 processor and existing radios in 5s are already capable of NFC? It would be way cool if Apple released the hardware a year ago without anyone noticing.
ya, with 150 billion dollars in the bank, you would think Apple could afford to make its productivity suite better.  It makes me furious that Pages doesn't have paragraph numbering and you can't even do a hack with the list numbering because you can't left justify a list with the second line of text.  Trust me, it can't be done.  This stupid flaw in Pages means that lawyers can't use Pages.  If lawyers can't use Pages then corporate america can't use Pages.  Ridiculous.  
People in the US that own an iPad probably have a PC. However, the same is not true for developing countries. I know people from China that only use an iPad.
I had Win 7 running on Parallels and deleted it after a few years. I spent way more time installing Win 7 than using it. I bought the version without the install disk and spent several days trying to make a bootable flash drive and get MS to accept the product code.  Didn't work and MS wouldn't provide customer support for the download only version. I finally just repurchased the damn thing on a disk.  I swore on a pile of holy books that I would never buy another MS...
He must be upgrading from an IBM PC junior.  He's excited he wont have to buy floppy disks for his new Chrome Book. 
Everyone is different.  I own MBA, iPad, and iPhone and use them 30% iPhone: 60% MBA: and 10% iPad.  Oh and don't forget the Windows virtual machine that my work provides me.  I use that POS about 0.01% of the time (rounding error).
Yes, you clearly get a better education with a chrome book.  Every student that figures out a chrome book will qualify for a job in IT.=) silver lining
Amazon is in a much different position than other handset makers. It has content and cloud storage. They have a legitimate business position to sell phones. I think they made a mistake by incorporating too much tech in the first iteration. They should have focused on the camera and cloud storage and rolled out the high tech stuff after they started to build a reputation and had some developers. They also should have made the hardware improvements something that app...
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