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Agreed. iFixit outsmarted Apple.  Not that Apple cares.  Apple doesn't have time to worry about things like this.  
Pages is also useless for lawyers.  There's many problems, but just to illustrate one, Pages won't do automatic paragraph numbering with the second line left justified.  Its a really easy fix, but Apple won't do it.The most likely explanation is that Apple has agreed with MS not to update Pages in exchange for MS releasing their software on iOS. It is a smart move for both of them. 
BI had the same thing happen at 19 gb, but had to buy the effing 200gb option. I'm glad to see I can drop back down to $1/month.
Anyone know if USB-c can be used to add external storage to ATV? If so, this will be a big deal.
Hopefully big companies like Apple will lose more cases like this to motivate them to support the patent system. We need to stop the war on non-practicing entities. It is destroying the patent system. If we don't change course soon, China will soon be a better place to protect your intellectual property. I know it sounds preposterous, but that's where things are headed right now. China gets better every year and the U.S. Gets worse.
This is happening because the software industry is anti-patent. And Apple lets its defense lawyers trash the patent system just as much as any other big tech company. I've been complaining about this for years. Nobody likes to pay royalties on patents, but you can't have it both ways. You can't expect the courts to apply one standard when the innovation comes from a non-practicing inventor and apply a different standard when it's a big company. Courts don't play favorites,...
I've been preaching for years that the anti-patent movement is a bad thing.  What goes around comes around.
Great idea!  And build a version that only allows a Korean language version of the OS.  Then they can sell them below cost without risk of the product polluting their other markets.By the way, price wars on home turf is exactly how some other industries threaten their competitors. Tech companies don't do this much because patents are a better option...or at least they used to be. 
Sounds similar to cold-spraying to form metal parts, but in this case you spray a liquid metal instead of accelerate a nanoparticle at high velocity to fuse it to the forming substrate. Spraying liquid metal is probably much more amenable to use in 3D printing than cold spraying. This could be really interesting for 3D printing. Not sure how it benefits Apple....
Most of you anti-patent people are naive about what is really going on in the IP world.  You are pawns to giant corporations who use litigation and public sentiment to avoid paying a small inventor for their inventions.  Yes there are a few bad trolls out there enforcing patents that aren't legitimate.  But many of these patent litigation cases are legitimate and are unfairly attacked.   Large companies are bastards to small inventors. Facebook bought 500 million dollars...
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