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 I have to say I love the syncing feature. Now if they could just get the "Sharing" feature to actually work...I think Photos will eventually be a great product. It's just early, which is why I'm not abandoning Aperture. All my previous photos are staying in Aperture until Photos is up to speed.
My aperture still works fine. Aperture is gone from the App store, but it didn't delete my install. In fact, I was setting up an OS X server yesterday (10.10.3) and I couldn't download Aperture so I copied the Application file from my iMac 5K (running 10.10.3) and installed Aperture on my server.  I assume it let me do it because both computers are signed up under the same iTunes account.  Both computers run Aperture just fine and both have Apple Photos.
Note that the 5K sizing is missing from the chart.  Seems pretty obvious to me that this press release is really old (i.e., predates the release of the iMac 5k).  I'd bet that Apple originally planned on doing an iMac8K and then switched to iMac5k.  Most likely because 8k just increased the cost without any benefit. I have the iMac5k and don't see any need for an 8k monitor unless it is bigger.  
Then be surprised. Have you not read about the timing controller Apple custom built for the iMac5k? All the memory in the word isn't going to change the fact that the the thunderbolt 2 port can't handle the bandwidth for 5K.  Supposedly the Dell 5K monitor can use two thunderbolt 2 ports and run 5K on a MacPro.  I'm not sure what refresh rate the Dell will do and I have yet to see any comments from someone that has actually done it.
Price is good for work executives. I really wanted to buy this, but my primary monitor is a Thunderbolt Display and I have no way to connect sub-c to thunderbolt. Would I really go buy a POS monitor and throw away my Thunderbolt Display to use the new MacBook? I thought about buying a Mac mini to run the monitor, but then I have to duplicate all my software. I really wanted to get this, but the rMBpro is probably what I'll have to do.
And laywers should get paid. They are service providers. If they provide services they should get paid.It's just like if you plug your drain by dumping bacon grease down it everyday. If you call the plummer to fix it, expect to pay.Lawyers are glorified plummers for complex business transactions. The more complex the transactions, the more they charge.
Our patent system has been around and working fine for 200+ years. Our strong patent system is one of the pillars of our high technology society.  And yes, even in the 1800's people like Thomas Edison bought up patents from non-practicing entities. You anti-patent idiots rant about a subject you know nothing about. If this anti-patent sentiment continues, we risk shooting the goose that lays the golden egg.   Apple has $180 billion dollars in the bank and doesn't have a...
You're wrong.  The damage comes from the inability to exclusively license someone else.  Companies pay for patents to obtain exclusivity.  If someone is infringing the patent and the patent holder can't stop them, then the patent holder is damaged by his or her inability to provide exclusivity to a potential purchaser. And this damage is not trivial.  The only right granted by a patent is "the right to exclude." If you vitiate that right, the patent holder is left with...
Can you point us to a patent? If you investigate further, you will probably find that the cannabinoids, antioxidants, and neuro-protectants were isolated from their natural environment.  So for instance, the claim may be to "an extract".  And no, "extracts" with high concentrations of a neuro-protectant do not exist in nature. And if you want to use the cannabinoid in its natural state, the patent wouldn't prevent you from doing so. (and neither will the state of...
Have you ever read a patent claim? Patents are by their very nature are specific.  You don't claim a "product" in a patent, you claim an invention.  The iPhone is a product and it is made up of hundreds of inventions.
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