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Agreed.  That's the problem with Pages and Numbers.  I still think Apple is doing the right thing by starting over with the build and focusing on iOS.  The hope is that one day Apple will add all the desktop features to the iOS version, in which case Apple will be ripe for taking over Microsoft's market.  Mark my words, MS is in BIG trouble for the long term.  The market is going to be split between Android and iOS and iOS is better for enterprise than Android.  MS is...
Pages isn't suitable for business people.  It can't do paragraph numbers, which in my case are required by law sometimes. I hope one day Apple will pull its head out of its ass and add simple features like paragraph numbering.   
Exactly.  MS is going to find out that it is really tough to compete with FREE.  Mark my words, 5 years from now everyone is going to say,  "wow, I never thought Pages and Numbers could supplant Word and Excel."Apple is building the right structure into Pages and Numbers.  Now if they will just add the features business people need.  I mean seriously, how hard is it to add things like line numbers and paragraph numbers.  
I think Apple would like Pages to become the universal word processing software.  Apple didn't put much effort into Pages between 2009 and 2013 because it wasn't clear how Pages would ever supplant MS Word since Apple has a closed platform. Apple couldn't achieve universal compatibility unless it took 100% of the PC market, which clearly is NEVER going to happen.  However, they have cracked the nut so to speak by making Pages 100% compatible between Mac, iOS, and iCloud....
I also think Apps are themselves content.  In other words, the content that is created on the iOS platform is the content that gets uploaded to the App Store or the Cloud.  In that regard, there is vastly more content being created on the iOS platform than Microsoft.  I have about 5 apps I use on my Mac and dozens of apps I use on my iPhone and iPad.  What authority figure deemed content creation by the user more superior than content creation by software developers?
What makes everyone think that creating Word documents is the definition of a personal computer.  The iPhone can create all kinds of content.  Calendar entries, pictures, videos, emails, texts, tweets, social network entries, video game play, etc.  Why does all this content have to take a back seat to Word and Excel spreadsheets?  I think the content created on an iPhone or iPad creates more value to its user in terms of enjoyment than Word and Excel spreadsheets. Your...
Netbooks were just used for internet browsing. So why were they computers and an iPhone isn't? If anything, the iPhone and iPad gets used more than a netbook because the iPhone has millions of programs that are used for more than just browsing the internet.   The naysayers are defining a real computer as "a device that is used to create word documents."   That's an asinine definition. I use my iPhone and iPad to do just about everything except create word documents, which...
No, it is a fair comparison. Internet data shows that iOS users actually use their devices as real computers. (Like me writing this post on an iPhone). The evidence suggest otherwise for Samdung devices.
Says who? In fact, the comparison is even more appropriate than this article suggests since Apple sells all those devices by itself and Microsoft has legions of othe companies designing and selling computers
Depends on how much they have to pay for each panel. I'm sure the $578m is prepayment on build out of the facility, not COGS
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