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As a consumer device Google Glass is a failure, but there are many niche projects where Glass will succeed.  For instance, I think some version of it will end up in hospitals providing info to docs.  The reason is that doctors need access to information and if they have sterile gloves on they can't touch screens or other things outside the sterile field. Another example is the group that used Google Glass for giving deaf people information in a museum.  Obviously Google...
Scalpel blades aren't reusable.  No need to make the blade last longer.
If what you say it true (and it may be), then the open standards should be able to create their own version of Metal that makes it relatively easy for programers to use either architecture.  And why should Apple make the effort to implement such a standard?  It would have taken three times as long to get it done and everyone would be bitching about how Apple is trying to get everyone to do it their way.  Apple was right to just implement it themselves. The Android...
Exactly. Collecting the information you want from this device will be horribly painful.  This is a classic example of someone that had a "great idea" and convinced an idiot investor to put money in it without thinking through the customer experience. DOA.
Apple is smart to work with an entrenched player like Honeywell. Apple needs quick adoption of its platform and startups like Nest don't have the distribution channels. There will be millions of Lyric thermostats in homes next year simply because a home builder will ask a new homeowner if they want one.
I wonder how much input Apple has given Honeywell. Honeywell is stuck in the 90s when it comes to product development. I would be shocked if Honeywell could even knock off Nest. Hopefully Apple is coaching them.
When will Apple ever attach documents separate from the body of the email. Apple mail on OSX is the biggest POS Apple has ever made.
What makes everyone think that Apple has to ditch the 3.5 connector just because they intend to use the lightning connector for headphones? There are good reasons to have a lightning connector to a headset.  You don't have to take out the 3.5 connector to add that functionality. I would bet this is going into the iPhone 6 and Beats headphones will soon use the lighting connector to provides added functionality.  Don't get your panties in a twist....the 3.5 mm connector...
I don't think it matters so much what Amazon does with 3D sensing.  If the phone has this capability, good developers will find many innovative ways to utilize it.  I think it's a good addition. Hopefully Apple is working in this space.   However, six cameras is a lot of space to use up in a phone.  My guess is that Apple will come up with a more elegant solution and provide the same functionality in a smaller device.  It may take them a few years longer.
Acquiring new technology is actually the norm in many industries these days.  Perfectly reasonable business model.  Of course, what isn't reasonable is a company that peddles people's privacy getting in the home surveillance business. That's the camel putting its nose in the tent. 
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