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What makes you think the patent office did something wrong? Has it not occured to that Apple is infringing? You must be the kind of guy whose kid punches someone in the face and when you hear about it, you instantly respond by saying, "oh my child would never do that, you must be mistaken".Apple has and should defend itself in patent infringement lawsuits, but just because you like Apple doesn't mean they aren't infringing or that the Patent office must have screwed up.
What makes you think they should lose? Has it occurred to you that Apple may be infringing a valid patent?The reason the cost of litigation is so high is because big companies spend millions of dollars on lawyers who play games and try and spend the patent holders into the ground. It's a game they play all the time and every now and then they lose.
Why should they have to sell something? Would you tell a sales clerk at the Apple Store that they don't deserve to be paid because they didn't have anything to do with the inventing or manufacturing?All technologies require three things, they need to be invented, manufactured, and sold. Those three things can be done in the same or different companies. Inventors deserve to get paid just like sales people, even though neither of them make anything.Sales people protect...
You and Apple don't get it.Most of the critical documents in a new company are drafted by lawyers. Contracts, operating agreements, NDAs, employment agreements, supply agreements, distribution agreements,financing documents, intellectual property, etc.A business has to be able to receive and edit documents from their lawyers. Since lawyers can't use Pages, most businesses have to use Word. If they already have Word, it makes no sense to Pages and the lack of features...
Business is what drives adoption of Word processing. If businesses don't use iWork, the youngsters will switch. My kids all have Apple devices but use Word because that's what I use for work and I buy it for my home computers so that I have compatibility.
iWork is still useless, because Pages doesn't do paragraph numbering (and no, number lists don't cut it). Lawyers have to have paragraph numbering. If lawyers can't use Pages, then businesses can't use Pages. If businesses can't use Pages, then anyone working at a business that creates documents is going to use MS word at home because that's what they are familiar with. I've been bitching about this for years. Why the F'ck can't Apple add F'ng paragraph numbering to Pages.
Or Apple may be betting that Tesla is going to be stuck with a giga pile of batteries with old technology and Apple will be making batteries that are lighter and more powerful.  Everybody thinks there is a first mover advantage in technology, but Apple always seems to prove the advantage is to the second mover (probably because they watch someone do it wrong).   
I bought iCloud storage before I realized that iCloud doesn't let you share folders with other people like DropBox does. (i.e., you can't set up a shared folder and let people with other accounts add to or delete from the shared folder).  In other words, Apple is not even attempting to take on DropBox.  They need to make that clear to users.  iCloud is simply "online storage" and syncing between your own devices.
I'm not sure why you think Apple has iCloud right. Most of us bitching in this article are probably like me and have 10's of thousands of dollars worth of Apple hardware and recognize good products when we see them.  iCloud is $hit.
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