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The problem here is that people are calling a profit a loss. A profit is not a loss.  A profit is a profit and a loss is a loss.  At least in the real world that's how it works. In the fucked up world of GAAP accounting you can call numbers anything you want.  That's why we have a shitty broken-down financial system.  
So if we have the following:    Company A: $500 loss Company B: $500 loss   Would GAAP say company A has a certain percentage of profits?    The accounting industry is pretty fucked up so it wouldn't surprise me if you said Company A has -50% of profits.  These kinds of calculations are exactly why I hate Wall Street.  In the real world we don't do stuff like that.  If an engineer designed a car using GAAP math principles, we would have shitty broken down cars.  No...
For Apple to force me to sell my shares, the company would need shareholder approval for the buyout (not just stock repurchase).  
Agreed, but there is some merit to the argument that hardware eventually becomes a commodity.  At some point my iPhone will be good enough that I just don't care about the next feature.  If people start using their iPhones for 5 years, Apple isn't going to be making very much money. 
LOL ....I can't wait for that news headline::::::::::::Apple announces it will NOT be building a low cost iPhone and the stock plummets so low that Apple buys itself out with cash on hand.   The knuckleheads on Wall Street might actually be that stupid.   Although, Apple could never buy all its shares, because I'm not selling mine. 
Apple can't charge $600 for an iPhone in China and take any appreciable amount of the market.  I think what we are seeing is saturation of the iPhone in its target market.  Everyone that has the money to buy an iPhone has bought one.  If Apple refuses to expand its market, it will stop growing.  Apple may be fine with that, but many investors have a problem with it.   I don't think anyone really knows what Apple should do about its high priced high margin iPhone.  Do you...
Apple can't go private.  The market cap is way too high.  Who could possibly afford to buy it?
After hours trading is very light.  I think we'll see the stock come back most if not all of that 10%.  I think Wall Street knew revenue would be light, which is why the stock has been pummeled for the last few months.   I think what is really going on here is people that bought the iphone 4S can't upgrade for free until 18 months or more.  The device isn't enough better to justify paying full price.  I think Apple will continue to sell throughout the year as...
Facebook has no clue what will make money.  They should have been touting the "Nearby" feature that came out a month ago.  At least that app has the potential to serve up ads that are relevant to commerce.  Someone searching for pictures of their dog isn't going to produce click-throughs on advertising.  The decisions coming from FB remind me of Steve Ballmer. They just don't make sense. 
Agreed.  And the reason Graph Search is shit and will continue to be shit is that it doesn't have any click throughs.  The way you make search good is by having 100,000 people click through the wrong links so that you can quickly figure out what people are looking for (and serve up the right links to another billion people).  Facebook is a bunch of dumb shits.  After 10 years of Googling, they don't even understand what makes Google successful.    Every time these monkeys...
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