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Funny story... I reinstalled my Office for Mac software and it told me my license had been installed too many times. So I went to the Microsoft store right by my work. It was laughable. The store was run by incompetent computer nerds. I had a product question on a video game and I couldn't get the sales rep to answer my question. I'm not sure if it was a dude or a chick (we'll just call the person Paaattt). Pat was busy playing the x-box kinect and couldn't be...
My guess is apple focused on battery life because they don't have a suitable retina display for the macbook air (without killing battery life and margins) and they don't wan't to change the size of the MBA b/c of the cost associated with tooling the machines that produce the aluminum unibody.  If you don't want to upgrade the display or change the size, the obvious solution is improve battery life.
Couldn't agree more.  What people really care about is speed, weight/size, battery life, and screen resolution.  Adjustments to any of the four require tradeoffs to the others.  Apple decided to use almost all the hardware improvements this year to increase battery life.  They are going to get an apparent speed boost and additional battery life from software.  IMO, this was totally the right move.  The competition is abismal when it comes to battery life.  Apple could...
LOL, that should have been the headline (strikethrough included)
I drive BMW.  Best bang for the buck when it comes to the mechanical side of things.  If you're driving 80 mph and want to go 120 mph, your're there in seconds.  The car stops and turns on a dime as well.   Every BMW owner I know, including myself, just deals with the sucky electronics.  Apple should be glad BMW said no because BMW would undoubtedly screw up the implementation.  BMW is as bad at electronics as they are good at machining. 
What really happened was Apple partnered with Google and the partnership created good maps.  It was all the data from the iPhone users that made Google Maps great. Maps on the desktop didn't allow Google to track the person following the directions.  When Apple let Google put their maps on the iPhone and collect data, it changed everything.  Everyone is forgetting how shitty Google Maps was 10 years ago.  We liked it because it was the best we could get, but it wasn't...
Google can't and won't lose their monopoly unless Apple makes their maps available on android and PC. Advertisers and programmers need to reach the entire market.  I think Apple will eventually get there.  Mavericks will have maps on desktop.  Next step is Maps on Android and PC.
You may be correct about iWork.  However, Apple really needs to release Maps for Android, Mac, and Windows.  iMessage also needs to be available on Android, but not windows.  Here's the rationale, Maps need to be integrated with lots of other apps and many developers are just going to use Google Maps since they can program for it on all platforms.  For iMessage, we need to be able to connect with non-Apple users, especially since they are the majority of cell phone users.  
  At what point do we admit that string theory is a religion....the hope for something that cannot be proven. Hmmm I have a new theory.  Federal funding for String Theory is unconstitutional based on separation of church and state.
You are right in that regard.  He didn't restrain himself by the rigid rules of society, which allowed him to postulate special relativity, brownian motion, and black body radiation without the concerns that an academic would have.  Part of why he didn't get a job out of school was his bad attitude towards "the establishment".  So yes, in many ways he was a lot like Steve Jobs.     I suppose I subscribe to Malcom Gladwell's assertion that there are many people that are...
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