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I don't want the ability to connect directly. I want iCloud to handle the syncing, but not store the data. Does Back to Mac do that?
Another thing Apple could do is build a syncing service similar to AeroFS (or acquire AeroFS).  AeroFS makes a syncing service that is just like DropBox, but there is no cloud.  The syncing is just between your own devices.  Apple could add limited iCloud storage to AeroFS and users would still be able to sync all their photos to a personal device.  
Agreed.  The problem is nobody knows how iCloud works.  I found out the hard way that iCloud doesn't back up your contacts.  iCloud stores your contacts, but it doesn't back them up. A family member added an iOS devices to my account and replaced my 10 years of contacts with the blank slate from the new device.  iCloud propagated the blank slate to itself and all 5 of my other devices.  Apple had no way to get it back.  It never occurred to me that I could lose my contacts...
The best solution would be for Apple to allow unlimited storage of the photos that are on your iOS device (which has limited storage to begin with) and then provide a syncing service with limited storage (for anything including docs, photos deleted off iPhone, etc).  If iCloud syncs your photos to another storage location, it can delete the copy in iCloud as you run out of iCloud space.  The only time you would need a warning is if you don't have it saved anywhere else....
What don't you like about Yosemite?  Is it spotlight? Ever since I updated to Yosemite, Spotlight never returns a search result worth looking at.  I have to search the particular application where the document is found (e.g., Mail).  What's up with that?
Interesting take.  I was thinking, "about f'ing time."  The iCloud ecosystem will not work unless it is available on windows machines. Not surprising at all. The iCloud ecosystem won't work unless it is available on windows machines.  Now if Apple will just pull its head out and realize that it needs to add simple features like real "paragraph numbering" to Pages, then the legal community could start using it.  It pisses me off to no end that I can't automatically number a...
The point is there isn't likely any scenario where licensing to these small hardware vendors would make sense. Not worth the hassle and there is not really any downside to letting them infringe. The infringement stimulates the iOS ecosystem.
I'm sure Apple has no interest in shutting down small companies building products that use iPhones. They will use this patent if and when they need it as leverage against a competitor like Google or Microsoft. And even then, the most likely outcome is a cross license, not a patent infringement lawsuit. The patent isn't core to their business.
Indeed, an idea is not patentable and the patent office doesn't grant patents on ideas.  People in the media and on blogs just accuse people of patenting ideas, but they usually do it without even reading or understanding the claims of the patent. I haven't read the claims of this patent, but I'm willing to bet it describes a method or a user interface, not an idea.
Have you read the claims of the patent? Determining patent infringement is pretty difficult and requires a lot of training.  You can't just read the description of the invention and determine whether a product infringes or not.  This is the problem with lay people chiming in about the validity or infringement of a patent. Unless you are a patent attorney or have been trained to analyze claims by a patent attorney, you probably don't have a clue whether something is or...
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