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Apple doesn't build hardware that goes to waste. The next iPad will have as much speed and as much ram as possible while maximizing battery life and minimizing cost. The calculation is complicated, but Apple is very good at it. It is utter nonsense for ya'll to look at one factor (the number of cores) in isolation. This thread is futile.
LOL regarding the "won't go to 11". What was the name that show? I need to watch it again.
Twitter doesn't seem like the right platform for a quality social network. Social networks need to be centered around more than "tweets". Does anyone else think Apple should start a social network? Apple is really pushing advancements in cameras on the iPhone. I think the camera and iCloud could form the structural basis for a social network. I think Apple could get a lot of people to join a social network if they focused on keeping social network data private and...
And the sooner the better. There is absolutely no reason why a developer shouldn't be required to pass basic credentials before he or she sells or gives me software. At a minimum I want Apple to know who they are and make them agree not to put malicious software on my computer. Or at least I should have the option to select such a standard for my computer.
And lately the Apple Chips have been falling everywhere.http://forums.appleinsider.com/images/smilies/1wink.gif
I actually think Apple is able to develop the second generation computing world because they lost out in the first generation. In the long run, I think Apple got really lucky that MS kept them out of the fray for so long. Apple isn't burdened down with nearly as much dinosaur bloated code.The most important thing is probably the fact that Apple doesn't have to cater to the dumb a$$ corporate IT department. My corporate IT department is so risk adverse I seriously wonder...
And one more thing.... you are way underestimating how much more innovation is left in phones, tablets, and PCs. The future is the integration of hardware and software that make software development fast and easy. Mac OSX and iOS have a lot of momentum and could crush the other platforms. It will take Microsoft 3 years before it realizes it can't compete in the mobile market without integrating hardware and software. Performance is no longer about clock speed or RAM. ...
I think Apple has done the right thing by not buying Wolfram or Yelp. Those businesses are better off independent and Apple can use them all the same as long as Wolfram and Yelp stay independent. Apple usually buys things that are worth keeping to themselves. Yelp and Wolfram actually benefit from having users outside the iOS ecosystem. I agree 100% with the mapping technology. My guess is that there are really big changes in the works for 2013. We will see...
What? What does Saudi Aramco's size have to do with Apple's doom? You make zero sense. Besides, what do you know about Saudi Aramco? First of all, the Saudi government formed Aramco by nationalizing western oil operations in Saudi Arabia. This hardly the kind of thing that bears any indication on the size or success of Apple. You might as well argue that Apple is doomed because the moon is bigger than the state of California......so what.
Why would anyone pay $50/month to tether? I bought a t-mobile 4G hotspot that gives me 2GB of data for $20/month and I can use it for my iPad, macbook air, iPhone, and iPod Touch. And I get a separate battery so it doesn't drain my phone. Real world download speeds are 8 Mb/sec, which is almost as good as my home DSL line. Anyone paying ATT for more data than they have to to get the phone is getting screwed.
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