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You all need to go talk to a patent attorney (oh wait, I am a patent attorney).  I'm telling you, THIS PATENT DOESN'T COVER A TEAR DROP OR WEDGE SHAPE.  Look at the drawings (which constitute the claim in a design application).  The wedge aspect is dotted out.  That means the wedge isn't part of the claim.  The claim covers the design of the screen casing.  As I look at the design on the sony screen casing it is really apparent to me that it is not the same design as the...
I certainly trust the patent office more than naked allegation on a blog.  Show us the prior art and let us see if it infringes the claim.
You are clearly mistaken.  Copyrights are for works of art (books, movies, etc).  Design patents cover the design features of products.  The reason you can't get your mind around this being a patent is because you are only thinking of patents as "utility patents."  This is not a utility patent.  It is a design patent.
See my earlier post about the scope of claims in a design patent.  This patent covers the screen casing, not the wedge. Does the Sony laptop have a curvature and thickness that is the same as the MBA?  If you have a picture, it would be interesting to see the design.
First of all, this patent doesn't cover a wedge.  The patent covers the design of the screen casing.  FYI, dotted lines in a design application do not form part of the claim.  The only thing being claimed here is the solid lines, which is the design of the screen casing. Design patents are a lot different than utility patents.  The drawings in a design patent are the claims.  Design patents by definition do not cover function and therefore do not have claims that recite...
I don't think Apple really cares all that much about someone else producing an inferior product simultaneously.  The vast majority of Apple's customers don't pay attention to who invented what or when.  They just want something that is easy to use and works.  We haven't seen Apple's rendition of 3-D maps, but if it is fast, high resolution, and easy to use, Apple customers will gladly ditch Google.  If Google's product is better, Apple maps will be about as succesful as...
The chart is three month data and the title is in reference to one month data.  I agree, preposterous. 
The chart, which shows three month data says Google gained ground.  Seems kind of silly to have a title and discussion of Google "ceding ground" to Apple when the chart prominently displays the opposite. ?????
How stupid.   The phone doesn't determine the "fuel efficiency," the data being transmitted does.  There is no reason why Apple's iOS can't be successful in emerging markets.  My wife is using my old iPhone 3 and it works just fine.  My guess is Apple can hit the price points needed to make money in foreign markets with the iPhone 3S. 
Agreed.  Apple isn't going to ditch the Mac Pro.  I'm sure we will see an upgrade in the next month or so.
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