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The point is there isn't likely any scenario where licensing to these small hardware vendors would make sense. Not worth the hassle and there is not really any downside to letting them infringe. The infringement stimulates the iOS ecosystem.
I'm sure Apple has no interest in shutting down small companies building products that use iPhones. They will use this patent if and when they need it as leverage against a competitor like Google or Microsoft. And even then, the most likely outcome is a cross license, not a patent infringement lawsuit. The patent isn't core to their business.
Indeed, an idea is not patentable and the patent office doesn't grant patents on ideas.  People in the media and on blogs just accuse people of patenting ideas, but they usually do it without even reading or understanding the claims of the patent. I haven't read the claims of this patent, but I'm willing to bet it describes a method or a user interface, not an idea.
Have you read the claims of the patent? Determining patent infringement is pretty difficult and requires a lot of training.  You can't just read the description of the invention and determine whether a product infringes or not.  This is the problem with lay people chiming in about the validity or infringement of a patent. Unless you are a patent attorney or have been trained to analyze claims by a patent attorney, you probably don't have a clue whether something is or...
Health care data will feed on itself. The more people with health care data in iOS, the more devices that will be available.  The more devices that are available, the more data that will be stored in iOS.  Apple got this one right. HealthKit is going to be huge.
Disagree. Health data is going to be very sticky.  Even more so than music. People care about their health data and once they get used to it being in iOS, they won't go anywhere else. Why do you think Garmin has a lock on runners and bikers?  I have years of data stored in software that interacts with Garmin devices.  And despite Garmin's over-priced shitty hardware, I still buy it because it isn't worth it to move my data somewhere else.
I work at a law firm and I was told by my IT group that it would be a cold day in hell before the firm allowed Macs.  That cold day arrived 3 years ago.  I'm puzzled at the low alleged market share for Apple.  Outside the law firm, it seems like most people I interact with use Macs.  
The knew Spotlight ignores a lot of things, like the content in my emails and contacts......POS
What makes the most sense is to have a MagSafe on one side and usb-c on the other. The power in Usb-c could go either way depending on whether power is connected and what's connected to usb-c. Can't wait to get one.
After reading WSJ article about this topic, it looks to me like the project was too much for GT and Apple was negotiating pretty hard. My guess is the CEO decided to show Apple who was boss by filing bankruptcy.  Stupid move.  He obviously let his emotions get the better of him. In the long run, it would have been better to work it out with Apple. 
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