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You may be right, which is why I paused to think. However, the link you provided doesn't answer the question. It only discusses that harder materials scratch softer materials. We all know that. The question is whether a softer material can scratch a harder material. For example, can a sharp soft material scratch the planar surface of a harder material. Clearly at some amount of force it can. At the point of atom bombardment, soft materials can clearly scratch a...
The first iPhone I bought I dropped it face down from about 18 inches while getting out of my car. It hit a rock and shattered the whole face. I had only had the phone 3 days. The Apple employee felt bad for me and replaced it for free (I buy a lot of apple products from the same apple store). It occured to me a case wouldn't have prevented that damage. I don't use a case because it helps remind me to take care of the phone. The only people I know that have dropped...
Of course there are many companies that have profited greatly from Apple's success. Any good business person knows that you have to leave something on the table for someone else if you want to get business done. However, Apple's negotiating position is why Apple makes a lot more money than any of its partners.
Exactly. And that is also why Corning is catering to the "PC crowd" by saying they will be the first laptops to get Gorilla Glass. I'm sure the reference to laptops isn't a coincidence. This probably has to do with the fact that new Apple laptops are scheduled to ship until after the PC laptops. My guess is the new iPad will be the first product to have Gorilla Glass 2. However, it wouldn't make any sense for Corning to tout that at CES.
You raise an interesting point. Can a material with a hardens of 6 scratch a material with a hardness of 7? I had to pause and think about this. However, I think it can. It depends on several different factors like the geometry of the contact surfaces and the force applied. An easy example that shows you don't have to have a harder material to etch a surface is the fact that steel can be cut with a high pressure water stream. Water has a hardness of 0 on the mohs scale.
umm.....don't put your keys in the same pocket as your phone. Even my slate floor in my entryway will scratch if I took a key and etched the stone. Gorilla glass isn't diamond, but that doesn't make it fragile. Everyone should know that you don't put your keys in the same pocket as your phone, just like you don't throw rocks at your iPhone. I've had three iPhones now and I don't use a case and I don't have any significant scratches on any of my phones.
Why? What would you do with the hover data?
ummmm you are making my point. Apple is treading into Google territory and it is somewhat probable that Apple will run into patent issues with some of Google's technology. Just because Apple improves on Google doesn't mean Apple won't be infringing any Google patents. I'm not saying Apple is stealing Google technology. I'm just pointing out that whenever you start trying to overtake a competitor like Google, there is a risk that you will infringe patents covering their...
Agreed. Android is important to Google because it will be the source of personal information and search terms and serves as a platform for serving up Google ads.
If there is anyone that could make Google pay and has the temperament to do it would be Apple. However, my experience as a patent attorney for the last decade would suggest it isn't going to happen. Big companies like Apple never throw down the gauntlet with a powerful patent if the competitor is a large well-established company with their own war chest of IP. Chances are Apple needs or has to respect Google in certain aspects of its business (e.g., maybe in mapping,...
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