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A court of law (including a jury) analyzed all the evidence and decided the patent was valid and infringed. I can tell from your response that you  don't know shit about patent law.  What next, are you going to start giving the world advice about brain surgery?
The problem with your argument is that nobody forces anyone to sell products that infringe.  If the feature is so stupid, why doesn't Apple just take it out of their products?  Because they are important.  Secondly, why shouldn't Apple compensate the inventors that advanced the technology that made the iPhone possible.  Apple didn't start from a clean slate.  Many people invented stuff that made the iPhone possible. Apple expects to pay some of these people what they are...
$23.5 million isn't very much.  I would hope that Apple wraps up this litigation. They have proven that their patents are valid and infringed. $23.5 million seems pretty reasonable.  Apple should respect the patent system and write a check rather than appeal. 
Both sides would have presented mountains of evidence on damages. They hired experts, prepared numerous briefs, took depositions, and put many people on the stand to discuss this issue.   It wouldn't surprise me if the parties spent half a million dollars in legal costs to determine that number.  Apple seems to have won most of the damages issues if they only got $23.5 million.
I wonder if the rumors about the 12 inch MacBook Air retina got started from parts for the 12 inch iPad. I find it hard to believe that Apple just so happens to be coming out with a 12 inch iPad and a 12 inch MBA.
Eventually all electronics are commoditized. We don't know when it will happen for phones or who the survivors will be, but it will happen. It sure isn't going to happen this year. I like the iPhone 6 way better than the iPhone 5s. I'll be buying new iPhones until all my family members have something as good as iPhone 6.
And there won't be any heroes.  Apple cannot change the payment world by itself.  The best we can hope for is unintended consequences of Apple's disruption of the current system.  
They make you give all your contact info, including phone number in order to leave a comment.  No thanks. 
You must not understand corporations.  GTAT is a completely different entity than the CEO.  If anything, GTAT got screwed by its CEO.  Of course, that was GTAT's fault.  They obviously shouldn't have compensated their CEO before he delivered.  The workers are at will employees.  They didn't get screwed.  They may have even got severance.  The people that got screwed were the shareholders and creditors of GTAT. You could be right about a Chinese supplier buying the...
Yes, but what you haven't asked yourself is how material was their breach.  For example, what if Apple asked for 100,000 displays by June 1 and GTAT didn't deliver the 100,000 until June 3.  Normally a company would just let that go.  If Apple changed its mind on sapphire displays for iPhone 6, it may have looked for an out even though GTAT was performing well in most regards. I'm not defending GTAT or criticizing Apple. I'm just saying that Apple was in control and...
New Posts  All Forums: