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What? you have it totally backwards. The sapphire project for iPhone 6 failed and Apple said, "sorry guys but we're going to F**K you."  That's the downside of being an Apple supplier.  Apple obviously got good terms in their contract. And no I don't think Apple is a crook. I'm sure they negotiated the terms that let them do what they did.  And that is why I own Apple stock and not GTAT stock.
DED, I enjoy your columns, but I think you got it totally wrong on this one. If Apple wasn't planning on using sapphire for the iPhone 6, why is GT filing bankruptcy? Seems pretty obvious what happened.  Apple experimented with sapphire and shifted the manufacturing risks to its contract manufacturer.  Unfortunately for GT, it didn't work out. 
You can change a critical component as long as you have a backup plan.  duhIt's not a reach to say they were planning on using sapphire on iPhone 6.  GT's bankruptcy filing makes it really clear that was the plan.  GT didn't meet production quotas and Apple pulled the plug.  GT has 10 times the capacity they need and owes a lot of people a lot of money for equipment they can't pay for. Apple just hosed all of GT's equipment suppliers and lenders.  This is the beauty of...
Wrong.  There is no Way Apple would have tried sapphire without a backup plan. The contract on the backup plan probably had a two month lead time and Apple pulled the trigger when GT couldn't meet quality requirements.  Seems pretty obvious what happened.
Apple probably set a really high bar for quality and GT couldn't meet it. They are probably able to product sufficient screens, just not ones that pass Apple's quality requirements. Sucks to be them (or their equipment suppliers).
Why the sinister view? It is almost certain that the contract had a performance clause related to quality and GT didn't meet it.  Apple decided not to put sapphire on their phones and didn't make their last payment. GT has a bunch of contracts to install equipment for product that it can't sell and filed bankruptcy.  Pretty obvious how this happened.
Why the sarcasm.  He sold 10 million in stock this year using SEC rule 10b5-1.  This sale was planned six months ago....well before Apple pulled the plug.
Agreed. He sold $ 10 million in stock this year.  Besides, the sale was part of a planned sale scheduled in March.  He should be fine.  That's why they have planned stock sales so that nobody has to wonder if the current events triggered the sale.
I watch a show called "Studio C" on You-Tube, but I think it is from BYU TV. It's hilarious. There is an episode called "to kill a mockingbird" that I've watched multiple times. I'm laughing just thinking about it.
Did Samdung supply the photo with the person holding the device?  The computer and accessories on the desk look like shit. The white shirt the person is wearing looks like something you would see on a homeless person going to church. The ball point pen is of the type that collect in your drawer because nobody will use it.  
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