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You keep saying this over and over and I don't think the facts support you. The most likely scenario is that Apple told GTAT they were moving the sapphire screen to next year's iPhone and the first product would be the watch. On the August earnings call the CEO didn't know Apple was going to shit can them. Occam's Razor. Look it up.
It depends on when they knew they were getting shit canned by Apple. Most likely scenario is Apple said we aren't going to make this year's device, let's shoot for next year. That would explain the August earnings call. I very much doubt the CEO would be so stupid to lie about the 4th quarter knowing that the deal with Apple is over. Even if he were a crook, it would serve no material purpose. Certainly the $160k wouldn't justify that. He had already cashed out 10 million....
Maybe, but the problem may also be debt holders for operating capital or supply contractors. Or the bankruptcy may affect IP rights, etc.This is why you have contracts. When sh$t hits the fan, you revert back to the contract to see how what's left will get divided up. Everyone, including Apple is going to lose some money. It just won't be material to Apple's financials. GTAT and many of its other creditors are in trouble.
Dude, the flexural stiffness of gorilla glass vs. sapphire is irrelevant compared to the properties imparted by rest of the phone.
Interesting analysis. It's possible the sapphire was intended for a future iPhone. If they didn't have power yet, they were at least a year out from being in shipping product. That may also explain why the CEO was all thumbs up in August. He may not have gotten the notice from Apple until recently. That would only be possible if delivery was for next year.
Umm, yes it's speculation. Just like this and the WSJ articles are speculation. At least my speculation comports with the facts. Why was Apple building out 10 times the world's sapphire supply? For a watch? The math doesn't add up. And why did Apple withhold payment on the buildout? The watch is going into production. If Apple needed that factory running full tilt to supply watches, only an fuking, idiot would send them into bankruptcy. Apple doesn't even know yet what...
The massive tooling for sapphire (10x the current world supply), Apple's refusal to make its last payments, and the bankruptcy make it really obvious what happened. It was a failed experiment with sapphire displays. And you are wrong that sapphire can't be used as a display. There are apparently already covers made out of sapphire. I'm sure it was a quality control issue, not a fundamental flaw in sapphire.
No sense in trying to keep it secret.  It will eventually come out.  Pretty likely there will be an investor lawsuit over this. It doesn't seem believable that GTAT didn't know about the problem before its August earnings call. 
Seems pretty obvious what happened.  The sapphire display was suppose to free up display inventory to allow for a larger iPad. When Apple killed the GTAT contract, they shifted iPad display production to iPhone 6.  Who knows when we'll see a larger iPad now. 
It's not just labor. Those people have to have a building to work in, equipment to run, and supervisors to train and manage the people. Ask anyone that has tooled a factory and they will tell you just how amazing Apple is for doing what they do. 
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