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Agreed. However, Intel's bigger problem is there is less value in Intel making a faster, more efficient chip. The improvement in desktop performance is almost zero for most people and laptop performance improvements, while valuable, are for a relatively small and shrinking market. Apple and software developers are closing in on desktop performance with iPad. There is nothing Intel can do and nowhere to go except maybe contract manufacturing. Their market is going to be...
LOL, nice comparison. By the time the proof is available, everyone will have forgotten about it.
What information does IM use provide to FB that is so much better than what it gets from FB? I'm really struggling to see the rationale for buying an IM service.  And to pay $50/user when the revenue is $.99/user is truly puzzling.  I'm starting to wonder if I'm missing something because this purchase looks beyond stupid. 
Really?  Why?At least Larry Page made the world a better place.  I use Google everyday and I think I'm more knowledgable and effective as a human being because of it. In contrast, fanatic users of Facebook are often worse people because of their Facebook habit.  
$15B in stock might be big enough to move the needle even if all of it were restricted (which its not).The more fundamental question is "how does FB get a return on investment?"   Someone suggested WhatsApp is a threat.  I don't use WhatsApp, but I'm not seeing how its a threat to FB. 
I don't see this purchase as any indication of something wrong in the overall market.  This is just a stupid move by Zuckerberg.  He thinks because he rolled the dice once and got lucky with Instagram that the same thing is going to happen this time.  He's an idiot. $16B is a lot more than $1B and instant messaging isn't as core to the FB business as social networking photos. Also, these users are in low value places in the world.  It is one thing to pay $1B for US user...
You are sorely mistaken that Apple is in a prestige market. Apple sells quality, but not prestige. If a McDonald's employee is buying the product (which they are) then it isn't a prestige product.Can anyone give me the patent number of this Google patent that expires in 2020?
PC sales are slowing, but do you have data to show that PC usage is declining? Google ad revenue is growing 37%. Your assumptions don't fit the data.
They should launch from a different country like an island country or Russia. Why ask for permission?
LOL, nice comparison to TV stations.This would be a great way to distribute media content to the world. Multicast TV and Movies with encryption and then just charge for the key. If the distribution is to a country like North Korea, you don't even have to worry about copyrights.
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