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My first apple....I placed my order for the 17" the first week of Feb. and was told it would be there by the 7th of Feb, then it was the 10th, then it next week, then it was the first week of Mar. I had enough of the delays and picked up a 12" that was in stock, I am very happy with the 12pb and will wait until next year to get a 17" or I might stay with the 12" ....... it is a fine machine and it is in my hands. I used the money I saved to get an airport extreme base...
Update The wife's ibook is on line now. I broke down and took it to an apple tech service center ,they kept the ibook telling me it had to be a hardware problem. I wasn't back to my office 30 min when I got a call telling me the airport was working. They said it was a software problem. I had the oldest version of os9. The tech installed an os9 update . The airport works now. I picked up os 10 with the updates and am installing that now. Thanks for the help ps the sales...
[quote]Originally posted by jdbon: so the guy said that the original aiport under Mac OS 9 will not work with an Aiport extreme base station? I'm not sure if that is accurate.
Yep that is what I was told. I just want ot know if I can use the disk that came with my new powerbook to install os10 on the clamshell. thanks
I left out the part about going to the apple store to ask about this issue. The guy at the genius bar checked out system requierments and it seems that os9 will not support extreme so I need to install os 10 on the ibook. thanks
I bought the airport extreme to use as a home network and want to connect my windows pc as well as the ibook. It is the ibook that I am having issues with at this time. I am new to mac and want to do what is simple. I have no os9 experience so losing it is not an issue for me. Can I use the disk that came with my new powerbook on the ibook? If so can I get the os10 user license for the ibook or will I have to buy the $129 disk from apple? thanks ps I have been using...
Can os 9 be upgraded to os 10or is it a new system? I need to do this to use airport extreme. This is for an ibook graphite 366 w/320 meg of ram with no software installed thanks
I went ot the apple store in Albany NY and asked about the airport. It seems tha airport extreme needs os 10 or better to work. So until I install that on the ibook he airport will not work with the ibook thanks
I want to be able to access the abs with the ibook. The abs is suppose to support up to 50 user at one time. As it stands now the ibook can't detect the abs but the powerbook will and it uses the abs to dail my isp. Would a software upgrade help? jp
Yes the ibook is os9 The base uses a modem to dial up. Any other items I can check. thanks
posted 02-19-2003 01:49 PM Â*Â*Â* Â*Â* Â*Â* Â* Â*Â* Â* Â* Â*Â* ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Does it work yet? No it dosen;t work yet , as I said I am very new to mac and am having a difficult time finding the proper icons to click to get to commands Yes the airport card is installed and it appears to work. I can connect to my powerbook......computer to computer but the airport card cannot detect the airport network. I...
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