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and that info can be found where?
Can someone let me know how to tell what version I just bought of the iPad 2?   Thanks!
I would definitely buy one (or more) of these for my kids. They currently use the iPod Touch but want/need more screen space to browse internet and play games. If it were $100 less than the iPad 2 and priced at $299, I really feel it would be a huge hit.
Wow, you must be really bothered by "Hard Drive", "Input", heck, even "iPad" sounds kinda dirty if you think about it long enough (hehehe I said "long")...
I just got this email from Apple about MobileMe going away by next summer. My big question is what will happen after that with my me.com email address. I will start moving away from it if they are shutting down the email service also.
I can't believe how well the iPhone holds it's value used. Just sold my nearly 3 year old 3G 8GB model for $150 on Craigslist in 10 minutes. Had to turn a dozen other people away in the 30 minutes the ad way live! I'd like to see any other smartphone come close to that...
Where is Frisco?
Why is all this so secret? These kind of things most definitely effect the companies earnings etc. Both of these companies are publicly traded. Shouldn't they be letting their shareholders know details like this?
These number seem WAY LOW to me: I can see Apple selling 15-20 million iPads per year. I can also see 50% or more users eventually buying iWorks because it makes the iPad so much more versatile (and laptop-like). This translates to $225-300 million per year. Add to this the inevitable major upgraded versions (most likely not free) and you have the potential for many times more income than this "Silicon Alley Insider" has predicted.
I totally knew that the iPad would be a huge flop (tongue firmly in cheek).
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