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I don't really game much, might get into Eve, otherwise I like older games. I very seriously considered the 15" i5, but the size of the 13" is just lovely to me. I'm thinking of putting XP on it, I need to have some sort of Windows (unfortunately) for access to work websites.
That makes perfect sense, as the game and videos are perfect for the first minute or two and then the choppiness begins. Thanks! BTW, is there a way to test the speed over a longer period of time so I can see exactly how bad it throttles down?
How do you mean CPU cycles? I'm sorry I'm not the most fluent in tech talk yet. I checked the activity monitor and there is nothing significant whatsoever. The only add-ons that I installed are Glims and SIMBL agent, and they are taking up minimal memory. Also to add: The situation is changed a bit, I did a few restarts in a row and now my computer will stream fine from Netflix and Youtube. It is only having problems with Eve now. They aren't as bad as they were but...
So I just tried the same things on my wife's SAME MBP and it is working with no problem. What in the world gives? We have the same amount of free memory, same specs and same EVERYTHING. Argh.
I have a 2010 MBP C2D 2.4ghz, 4gb RAM, 250gb x5400 RPM HD. I have TimeWarner Cable's Roadrunner cable modem, basic service, running through a Linksys wireless router. I am having issues with video streaming/online gaming. My basic problem is that video (Netflix, Youtube) and gaming (Eve) is slow and choppy, both video and sound. I just signed up for Eve and I was going through the main introduction video and it simply did not work at all. I just did a speed test at...
I should also mention that I will be running Windows 7 in a virtual environment at times for access to work websites/servers that require IE and an access card that only works in windows.
I recently bought the new 13" MBP and have been looking at upgrades. I bought it standard so I could walk out with it that day, but I've been thinking about two main changes: RAM and a SSD hard drive. I'm pretty sure I'll be getting the Intel X25-M 160gb SSD, it looks like the best GB per $ ($424 for 160GB). I know that will show great results. Is a RAM upgrade also necessary for improved speed and performance? If so what is the best RAM to change to? I'm looking at...
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