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They aren't green and kept burning forests and peat land since 1997! Why support their economy if they have the least interest in this area.
Got my iPhone 6s a month already and after latest iOS update found it to be not as reliable in Touch ID compared when first configuring figure ID during setup! One failure every 5-8 thumb ID....
Who cares! One man's meat another's poison! Android and Google can sink to the bottom.
Whoa finally coming to Red Dot's shore....long in the tooth but better late than never.
Two years of oversight on who's part? Definitely not Apple....
When In Rome do like what a Roman does so it jolly well be the same if your device enters China land! If they don't want you to read news out side of China land so be it read it else where....
Just another brick!
If you aren't happy go for the next job, no body forces you to continue if you don't like the policy.....oh don't say you never use your working hours on things like making phone calls, never ending chit chat or gossips and social media-ing on your smart devices, take longer breaks and disappearing acts!!!
SJ mentioned Apple just need to command a 1% of that market when introducing the iPhone (something like that, please correct if I'm wrong) such humble and realistic comment back then that all the others make fun of! Now who has the last laugh....
My formal company OEMs to IBM printers and we were told on the face by the IBM rep why we were using DELL notebooks? From then on those who had direct dealings used ThinkPads and that's how they "influence" their business partners. But I must admit the ThinkPads were rock solid machines which I'd one that last almost 5 years without fault even done upgrades like upsize the hard drive and Windows XP to 2000!
New Posts  All Forums: