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Obviously lots of under table $$$ been waxed between them while law abiding Apple got sued!
Could it be - Apple supplies the "smart parts" with iOS and Apps while the other watch manufacturers or craftsmen put them as options into or onto their watches! The "smart parts" includes sapphire glass with touch interface and LCD, base electronics encased in liquid metal. Whoa lah! The possibilities can be endless....
Her opinion! What kind of judgement is that!
Sammy can't offer the jury better than sourdough but kimchi and the final verdic is ....go pay Apple Tax!
Time for Sammy to pay real Apple Tax!
They are BAD, copy sickness syndrome to the core!
I think the silver ring is a metallic conductor that acts to detect finger press for HOME so to replace the short life span ductile button used on all existing iPhones and may as well roll out to iPads and iPods. Or might be like all who thinks its a RF field antenna to generate RF to detect finger print....or it could be use as both which could be hell for those who thinks of copying!
Don't open eBooks in the US and move to other countries that is worth doing business. Amazon go eat your US lunch! Apple have dessert elsewhere....cheers.
Shamescum did it again!
Let them internal haemorrhaging to stay number one all they like! And they also have to compete with their rival siblings, HTC, Sony, LG, big fat GooMot... That will help dries their piggy bank and go belly up.....yaaaa
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