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SJ mentioned Apple just need to command a 1% of that market when introducing the iPhone (something like that, please correct if I'm wrong) such humble and realistic comment back then that all the others make fun of! Now who has the last laugh....
My formal company OEMs to IBM printers and we were told on the face by the IBM rep why we were using DELL notebooks? From then on those who had direct dealings used ThinkPads and that's how they "influence" their business partners. But I must admit the ThinkPads were rock solid machines which I'd one that last almost 5 years without fault even done upgrades like upsize the hard drive and Windows XP to 2000!
Whoa was it coincidental that the Apple's bite match the Ferris Wheel! That's great photography.
@Macman1984 Factories producing iDevices are in so called free trade zones and any products or even parts are subject to the same import tax and duties....that's why?
Obviously lots of under table $$$ been waxed between them while law abiding Apple got sued!
Could it be - Apple supplies the "smart parts" with iOS and Apps while the other watch manufacturers or craftsmen put them as options into or onto their watches! The "smart parts" includes sapphire glass with touch interface and LCD, base electronics encased in liquid metal. Whoa lah! The possibilities can be endless....
Her opinion! What kind of judgement is that!
Sammy can't offer the jury better than sourdough but kimchi and the final verdic is ....go pay Apple Tax!
Time for Sammy to pay real Apple Tax!
They are BAD, copy sickness syndrome to the core!
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