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I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on this.  It's a previous gen 13" MBP.  It'll be a great development tool and all around work lappy.    My question though is this: I'd like to run Windows 7/8 in a virtual machine and I'm wondering if I'll be able to upgrade the memory to 8gb or even 16gb?   Thanks!
'More than half of US smartphone shoppers plan to buy Apple's iPhone 5" LOL! Of course they will. There, there now. *pat *pat
Great news?!!  Are you insane?  Why wasn't this done years ago?  For what we're paying, we're getting an incomplete product.  Jobs would never have let this happen.  This is pure unadulterated bs.
  I should warn you though.  You do sound like a complete twat when you do.  Proceed.  
  Wow.  You're fucked.
http://newyork.newsday.com/business/technology/apple-iphone-sales-drop-as-samsung-extends-google-android-domination-1.3893581   Yeah.  Not really.  
Ouch.  Looks like Google maps is still the way to go.
Black pots and kettles.  
  Source please.  
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