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I don't understand why anyone would tie up money for 9 years at 1.426%.  The dividend yield on the common stock is 1.85%, the company has a history of raising the dividend every year (10% raise this year alone), and there is the strong possibility of appreciation over a 9-year period.
aka "Poor network for Life" plan.
I'm crying for the Australian government.
Love the 5.5% dividend yield.  It helps pay for my super-early retirement.
At the very least, your watch has some character. Anymore, Rolex is nothing but an overpriced name.
If you insist on the Apple watch then kindly sent the Cartier to me.
There is enough "wearable tech" in my 1959 Breitling Navitimer. A whole lot more style though.
It isn't you.
The administration bungled its chance when Democrats had majorities in both houses for two years, before the Tea Party had any influence. The administration had a one-issue plan, and the president expended all his political capital on it.
New Posts  All Forums: