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hilarious or depressing, the verge comments have reached and by far exceeded a new level of stupidity, a total lack of comprehension of what is going on. It's a sad day where the only balanced comments you can get is from a solely apple site. we have our fair share of trolls here, as do we fanboy's, but those who argue generally come up with logical, informed and persuasive arguments. I've changed my opinion here from these arguments.    i do like the reporting on the...
    that's pretty interesting. I don't use bing at all, apart from the occasional comparison., but i've noticed that they've switched their layout to one very similar to googles - ie minimal text and identical results layout. i wonder if they will try and switch bing for google and the facelift is to soften the blow. how many people would notice and only know google by name rather than the results. how many people would notice ? I would put money on apple telling...
oh, my mistake. - you are saying that all the time the schmidt was on the board looking at the iphone design, they were very happy with the blackberry version they made, and it was only afterwards - once he had stepped down, they decided to make the massive u-turn in the UI and clone the iphone. 
yes - actual evidence , showing this.. showing from googles records that they were using a blackberry deisgn until right at the last minute.  go and read some FACTS from the case instead of smoking your reefa and spreading your BS on this site. if you spent half the time visiting / reading / learning about the cases , we wouldn't have to listen to your ill-informed BS on this site., 
the solid evidence was in the goracle trail , showing the google made a massive UI change when Schmidt was on the board and saw the iphone. It was went from a blackberry clone to an iphone clone, there was no dual design path, just one that changed radically. This is why Jobs felt betrayed and was saying to Schmidt "you stole from us". 
obviously you didn't follow the goracle trial where evidence showed google made a massive U-turn on the UI and it was NOT developed concurrently with the blackberry version, showing the iphone influenced their design. go look it up.
apple tried to get turn by turn from google in 2009 but google wouldn't agree, hence apple making it's own version. With the recent price hike, and 50% of google maps customers being iOS users, your economics makes lots of sense - source apple must have know their licence was running out tho, ? did they no anticipate the price hike and short contract being refused.?
yes it is strange, i think it could have gone something like this. : 2009 - apple started looking outside google for their maps after google refused turn by turn for ios http://goo.gl/Y9hQG 2012 - google starts charging for it's map data http://goo.gl/fx0a5  ( charging anyone pulling over 25,000 page loads a day $4, $8, or $10 per additional 1,000 loads,) 2012 march -  apple jumps to Openstreetmaps because imaps are in such bad shape still,  2012 september  - apple...
I completely agree maps isn't ready to be released. I wonder if this : "But now we’ve heard Google’s new plan is to make these products self-sufficient. It’s begun charging high-volume users of its Maps APIs. Companies like Foursquare and Apple are balking at the price hike and looking to strategically reduce reliance on Google, so they’re switching to OpenStreetMap." Had something to do with it being put in iOS 6 rather than a later version ? Ther are reports of apple...
anyone else think apple is sitting on the next big ios update while all the new patents get granted ? we've seen quite a few from animated icons, and rotatary selections mechanisms get granted. this way then can sue immediately when launched if the competition follows suit.  
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