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Does this mean I can put iOS5 beta on my phone now ?
or protecting IP is another way to look at it.
/O\\ so everything on the internet isn't true ?!!!
How many times has apple just stepped in ? It's not their style, they will call the appropriate people, have some meetings, decide on the best course of action and then make a press release. These things take time. ... rather than just stepping in, making mistakes and fraking the whole thing up.
this can be done already using gcal as the database. push iphone cal changes to gcal and ical syncs to that. contacts works the same way.it seems a little late to be adding this kind of stuff for iOS5 , I'm hoping that iOS5 will have voice control with Siri throughout the system and they are looking to expand that to 3rd party sdks for later iterations.
doesn't this only work if you install the patch to run jailbroken apps ? seeing as if you don't the drm book that apple tests it with won't load and then you should be ok . ?
i hope they make an ad free version.
It's a pity you have nothing to say apart from sounding like some kid who was butt hurt by apple and getting all emotional about it now. I suggest to find somewhere more suitable to comment, where you aren't out of your league when it comes to construction discussion and drawing realistic comparisons, although playing the fool for the rest of us seems to work amazing well for you. As for the graphs, the next few months will be interesting now there is more than 1 carrier...
apple developed the google maps app for the iphone with the help of google - thats why it has nice fluid animations etc. and has been said earlier apple has now bought their own mapping company .. so they are at an opposite vector from google on all things mappy
• calling someone using voice control • adding items to a todo list just 2 that come to mind that have affected me recently.
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