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my wm5 was working with voice commands very well years before android even existed and without having to go to the cloud. I'll be the first to admit the iOS commands are crap, and googles are pretty amazing by comparison. This comparison is completely inverted however once your network drops out, or you are abroad and haven't got data so readily available. The purchase of Siri is for the AI only IFAIK and the speech recognition is supplied by Nuance, and i'm not sure they...
so how does this make it easier if when i travel to a new country and I want to put a new local sim in my phone ? firstly are all the sim's going to be available from apple that are in a corner shop in egypt ? secondly how do i use this sim without my laptop ? this is 2 steps backwards if it limits my choice .., and means i have to carry my laptop with me everywhere i go.
Thanks, I knew it wasn't as simple as was being made out. If Adobe spent as much time fixing their code as they did complaining to the media, we wouldn't have a problem.
does adobe not have access to hardware acceleration? and why not ? can anyone clear that up for me please ? I remember reading something about it ages ago .. but i'm not clear.
good luck with that, you'll probably be in a wheelchair by then or just hospital. if you are half as annoying in real life as you are in this forum then someone is really going to enjoy kicking the shit out of you before too long.
search for 'mailtones' in the appstore .. does exactly what you are looking for ..
apple needs to innovate some hardware feature that closely integrates with the os to accentuate the hardware and software fragmentation inherent in the android platform.
i also don't agree. there are core apps on my phone that i wouldn't switch unless there were good alternatives on the other platform. This is exactly what apple is fighting for, unique experience and not the one app all platform strategy that adoble was trying to push out.
facetime does work pretty well over 3g, it's just the networks can't handle it. Considering only a 'geek' % of people installed fring for iphone 4 and it killed their servers.. if everyone with an iphone 4 decided to facetime over the network it would completely destroy it . http://www.engadget.com/2010/06/25/i...we-had-to-try/
your ability to read graphs ?
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