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AppleWorks crashes when I start typing in the WP part! This happenes on both me Macs! Someone here have the same problem? Or better still, have solution to this problem? Cheers kelib
I don't think you'll ever regret to take the 1,42. As someone here pointed, RAM can be upgraded later, not the CPU
I heard of similar problem from an Icelandic friend of mine. The problem was in the Icelandic localisation. So my bet would be that it's some sort of localisation problem. Tiger may use a different text encoding as default. He took it to the sales rep who fixed it in a matter of minutes.
I saw his press conference in Reykjavik yesterday and all he did was lambasting Jews and the US. He's now an Icelandic citizen of course
Wouldn't it be a good idea for Apple to come up with a 17" (or even 15") monitor to complement the Mac mini? It makes no sense to spend some $499 on the puter and then some $999 on a monitor! I know I know, there are 3rd party options for people and some buyers already have a monitor. But I still think it would make sense!
Not me
Thanks mate, it worked
That's not enough for me. I wan't to REMOVE it alltogether. This must be possible, right?
As I'm selling an old iMac I need to know how to delete .Mac account from the Mail app. I have gone to ...user/...library/...Mail and cleand it from there. Then to Mail's Preferences but there's no option there on how to delete the account! I have wiped out my info from the .Mac prefs pane but nothing seems to help! It's like it's kinda stuck there!! I can't delete the whole user account because the new owner (my sister) needs loads of stuff there and I've promised here...
Will you backup your facts please? I would very much like to read those studies!! The second statement you make is not only wrong but plain dangerous!!! Sanctions do not decrease drug use, on the contrary. During the 'War on Drugs', cocaine prices in the US have actually decreased and number of users has increased. It's dangerous because people with addiction problems are frightened to be open about their problem because of fair of indictment.
New Posts  All Forums: