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Why should I need to send something to a different site to share it? It is already on Apple's servers. My point is, these two products could be rolled into one (and what the heck, how about basic edits for the odd time your iPad's GPU goes out, or the screen freaks out, and you need to edit something at work)
...that Apple ALREADY has a system that can do a good chunk of the sharing needs for documents with the iWork Public Beta. I wonder if they plan to roll that into iCloud (and why they didn't do so initially)
Why could you not name the new OS's OSX 2013? Not as cool as cat names, but gets the job done.
Which is a bit unfortunate, because I just discovered the other day (I don't IM much). If would've been perfect for bulk "Happy {insert Holiday] texts
Well I doubt that will happen--unfortunetely, because they won't do what they probably should do. i.e. split iTunes into smaller apps ala iOS (except for movies, and then add DVD support to iTunes), stick all apps in the appstore, and sync everything with a dedicated syncing app. Because they must support Windows machines, it's easier to write one program that syncs almost anything. Though if we are talking about hypothetical re-writes, I have another to add to the list:...
That I can agree with you on. You can't cut out Jefferson--even if you don't like everything he has to say. The man was a founder of the country and a president!
So, only presenting one option in either case (especially when the science is simply a theory and the details debated among scientists) is better? :roll eyes: Disclaimer: I'm a Creationist, but I believe an issue such as this is better handled with a fair and open discussion--since neither option can be proven absolutely. (i.e. seen in action), and the implications of either theory are too important just to cram one view down someone's throat. Both camps should give a fair...
Notification Center settings has an option to display the notifications by time
I hope so. The current solution is REALLY inconvenient. Your documents are pushed to every device BUT YOUR MAIN COMPUTER. However, I realize infrastructure takes time. I do hope this is high on their priority list. Apple's attempt to buy out dropbox gives me hope that it is
When I took my whitebook in for a logic board replacement, they also replaced the top case. Just take it in and ask a genius to fix it. I should do that again (and get my keyboard fixed)
New Posts  All Forums: