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You can manually manage media. just uncheck 'copy to itunes media folder'
Sounds like my 2009 W. Macbook isn't going to get much, if any multitouch love :-( . Guess I'll need to purchase a Magic Trackpad...
This guy must not be very well read..... If The Passion of the Christ is similar to his paper, I think I know of some prior art to his thesis This whole suit is really sad....
Open itunes and hit 'get info' on one of these tracks. There should be a tab for play options where you can set start and stop times for tracks. Check and see if somehow a stop time got set for the track. Sorry for the semi-lack of detail. I'm away from home and can't access my itunes library for more precise definitions
Historically.... a) 'Palestinians' are a manufactured category of people. Before Arafat, they considered themselves Arabs b) The Arabs could have cared less about the territory before the Jews resettled it in the late 19th and early 20th Century c) The ARAB nations evacuated the ancestors of most of the current 'Palestinians' so they could 'drive Israel into the sea' and give the arab residents more territory d) Five (I believe) Arab nations got their butts handed to...
[/QUOTE] People familiar with the matter told The Jerusalem Post that Apple is looking to the western entrance of the city for the store's location. City planners expect the western edge to become the high-tech economic center of Jersualem. [/QUOTE] I realize its probably because a good portion of Palistinians are broke, but I'll go with it.
World Administration
FYI, Myst is on iOS http://itunes.apple.com/app/myst/id311941991?mt=8
Have you tried TotalFinder? I think it will meet most of your needs. It also allows supports tabs in finder windows and allows you to bring up a FinderVisor with a key-command. Very nifty. I use it every day. http://totalfinder.binaryage.com/
Create an encrypted disk image in Disk Utility and move the files you want to encrypt to the image. This will encrypt those files for you
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