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Well, you can send emails to cell phones. If you do a search for how do I text cell phone you will find the information you need to send the email. Character limits still apply though
Print to a PDF file and save as a JPEG?
Glad to see spotlight get some love. Its my favorite way to launch applications or documents, and get to just about anything on my Mac
Integrate Facetime into iChat---that would turn iChat into a one stop solution for most people's chat needs. And it is simple. Why confuse people with two chat app? Simplicity my friends, simplicity
If Lion will run on my 2009 White Macbook. Granted this machine is beat up (I kicked it off a bunk bed) but it still runs fine. I understand that much of the multitouch probably won't work, but I hope Apple does not 'tempt' me to upgrade before this machine dies. Some of the features in Lion (like Autosave) are ones I would REALLY enjoy--losing work because I forgot to save is. not. fun.
Ha. I just found out about the 'backup' feature of Mobile Me last night. I currently iDisk as a backup by having all my documents stored there along with a local mirror image of iDisk. Is the backup feature superior to this approach?
OR..... Grab Open notifier from Cydia and make it better. Or use growl. haha
Sounds like this method would not work if the root password is changed on the JB phone. Granted, this doesn't protect someone who's phone was stolen and freshly JB, but anyone who is ALREADY JB and changed their root password (which is suggested--sort of) should be okay. Correct?
So, basically Back to My Mac and Mobile Me on steroids. I already sync all my documents to my iDisk. Pretty Convenient actually--and it provides an off site back up
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