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Why would anyone ever need 10 phones
Yes! Hopefully get to stream all my content from Apple's servers! That way I don't need to worry if my media storage disk crashes again! (Luckily iTunes Support was nice and let me redownload all my purchases)
It just occurred to me: I wonder why apple doesn't stick ads in their own (non-core) apps like the apple store app. Seems like a no-brainer. (they keep all the money)
I'm surprised they haven't done that already on sites they own. iWeb '12 Google Ad Sense replaced with iAd
In California, we need to vote out of the Box... .[/QUOTE] I like what you did there. haha
I wish Apple would let you merge an old Apple I.D. with Mobile Me. I have an old Apple I.D. that runs off a Gmail account that is no longer active. I dislike having to sign in with two I.D.'s to find update for my apps.
These questions could also be answered by a jailbreak (And yes, I know that is a terrible idea/security risk for enterprises, just having a bit of fun)
[QUOTE=solipsism;1741325]It had to be poisoning or bacterial. Apple laptop workers don’t get viruses. Good one!
This story proves the prediction in the data center thread! OS X will be Skynet!!! *puts on tin foil hat*
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