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Especially since Skynet is software! The iRobot is coming
Yes we have: http://www.appleinsider.com/articles...app_store.html
Ha, someone's in a hurry to get off work
Well said Muncy
RAM is soldered on the board. You need to order the extra RAM when you purchase it.
You know, this seems like the same principle behind the Downloads section of Apple.com, but better. Thus this really isn't too new. Calm down everyone!
Does this mean that air print (for windows machines) is built into itunes? Last I checked, (and I just did) I already HAVE the option to print in iTunes.
Yeah, I was trying to be funny. (Bible Major humor I suppose) I realized you were joking. And you do have a point Apple products can take on a religious type hype. I joke from time to time that I've a "golden mac" (playing off the Golden calf in Exodus)
Sounds like you think Steve is the Antichrist (meaning a false messiah)
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