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I'm pretty sure he's talking to Newtron
If you hit the option key while clicking restore you can choose a previously download ispw file
But what if Apple did this: - break apart iTunes into its component parts along media lines (e.g. iGames, iApps, iBooks, iVideos, iTunes, iPhoto) - create a new centralized "home base" application that "contains" all of these "sub-applications" and handles the syncing centrally but allows you to click off to a sub-application to deal with the specific media/content type you need to deal with at that moment. I actually think they may already be doing this sort of...
Sounds like Apple may be getting sued for mail's feature that replaces email addresses with the sender's name (and vice versatile via address book)--not necessarily their spam filter
This is what I do. Gave my nano to my sister when I got a Touch, and gave the touch to my friend the other day when I bought my 3gs (ATT was out of iPhone 4.... )
Why not just build/intergrate the iOS touch interface into 10.7 (or a later os)? Thus a future ipad/product could run full OS X that is built for touch interaction.
I know this is a bit off-topic, but if Apple greatly lowered (or made free...) their mobile me subscription, it would replace most of the things I use (email, file storage) or would want to use (build/host a web site) Google for.
Well that does it, I'm switching to AT&T in August
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