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The new home page makes me wish there was ad-block for ios; it never used to bother me, however now it's like the entire home AI page is all ads. I think it sucks. ps. I'm not against the site paying its bills though some ads; however now when it's almost hard to discern the posted news from the ads; it's to much.
Microsoft might as well kiss the Surface goodbye, if Apple will be flogging the mini iPad at like $200 ish per unit... MS is phucked    edit---   They can burry it in the ground "Next of Kin"
Thank you Scamsung ! 
I cannot see the similarities after watching the video links...   Prior Art is extremely hard to prove when invalidating patents; the patent office does a very good job of researching and discovery before issuing a patent.
Apple has been though the courts before and I can see it's learned some lessons; Google is going to be screwed when Apple wins against samsung.
  While I totally despise Android, I do not think it's in anyone's best interest to have it vanish... Apple and consumers would be better served with Android sticking around and Google paying up for the IP they have stolen.
Boo   Get a UPS for that.
Samsung is totally screwed in this case, Apple is going to nail their butt's to the cross....
Still able to download with a developer account from previously purchased list.
New Posts  All Forums: