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I second that one mate, heck I would even create another account here to third it LOL I thought Up was a fun movie.
I am running OS X Server inside Oracle VM VirtualBox on a Dell Power Edge as you are reading this.http://dlc.sun.com/virtualbox/vboxdownload.htmlhttp://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Guest_OSes Enjoy
Spot on mate, I was thinking the same thing exactly Could not agree with you more, the MacPro belongs under a desk and not in a server hall. We ( the company I work for ) recently installed 250 Xserves for a mission critical project in the Oil Sands of Alberta; we could not be happier with the results. Security of the OS is second to non right now, and the labour cost was cut 77% after replacing Windows Server and our systems have been on an unprecedented 100% up time...
Here is an excellent read up on Light Peak and some demonstration videos. Code: http://www.9to5mac.com/9658/Intels-Light-Peak-10Gb-bus-standard-is-actually-Apples
I have been using the enterprise version for a week now, and I have got to say I would much rather use iWork because it takes less clicking around in a GUI to get my work done with Pages or Numbers, Office is to complicated in my opinion. Office takes a big loss of usefulness in my books because of it's complexity, using this as a consumer for writing is off the table completely, using Office in a working environment no problem ( On Windows ) Office on the Mac continues...
Overall I think this will be an exciting new take on the Air ! Cannot wait for Wednesday
Hence the requirement to license it right ?
Have you never been on a decent carriers jet ? Every single flight I have taken internationally has had some kind of plug in for a laptop all the way back though coach seating. I am not saying this is a bad product, however the argument of needing it on a flight is senseless. Why did they just not license the connector/s from Apple in the first place.
Does your investment firm not keep you in the loop with weekly emails letting you know this kind of stuff? If the answer is no, I would be making a phone call or two letting them know just how awful their service is, it's their job to make sure you are informed as a client and as best they can; if you have AAPL in your portfolio they should be keeping you up to date with this type of information as it's important to your financial future.
I do not live in the US mate, and have contributed nothing to their problems.
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