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I think you might be watching to much CNN or O'Riley it's time you laid off the late night mate. America is not the center of the universe my friend; there are plenty other countries that seem to be flourishing with great consumer confidence and spending.
Do elaborate, please enlighten as to what needs getting over mate ?
Yeah because my MacPro takes drastically to long at 2 seconds to load it. I mean come on Apple I cannot possibly be waiting 2 seconds to load iTunes, WHAT are you THINKING !Sarcasm off Now iTunes on my Windows 7 Install YUCK ! it needs some real work, but on the Mac it's number 1 and fast as all get out and an extreme pleasure to use.
Cannot wait to install internet security software on this baby ! LMFAO what garbage, oh or get myself the latest Stuxnet Worm..... MSFT = Fail
Hit the nail SMACK on the head mate, There is nothing I despise more than paying close to $1200 pre year for digital cable and on top of that being forced to watch commercials ! Beep that. Cancelled the cable, ordered two Apple TV's and signed up an iTunes account to purchase all of the current things I like though iTunes Season Pass ( Commercial Free ) and got Netflix for under ten bucks a month ( Commercial Free ), my savings after this year is still $900 and next year...
I do not ever watch anything live on TV anymore and this little guy is just the ticket to cancel my cable and purchase season passes for the three shows I enjoy watching though iTunes.... Hello Apple TV & Netflix; good bye $936.00 a year in cable cost.
Now now now don't be to hasty to point the finger at LG for having a few daughter businesses, take a look at someone like GE, appliances, chemicals, engines, nuclear reactors, elevators, metering technologies, coatings for wires, railcar systems, welders, wind power generators, hydro power control systems, air-conditioning, switches, buttons, network adapters, christmas lights, light bulbs, digital cameras, computer monitors, home theater audio... the list is long mate I...
Going to be pretty hard to plead innocent when the suppliers are openly admitting the scum-bag was fleecing some extra $$$ to keep himself warm at night.
It's still one sexy looking TV
Depends on what your measurements are
New Posts  All Forums: