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I love the (Walled Garden)
Does anyone know when this will be released for iPad?
Our main screening facility is pulling direct updates for testing from ESET, we generally have them tested in a few hours and released. (Mac & PC) side of things I could not answer for ESET when it comes to their definitions even for the OS X side of things. As for your last question, I am unsure weather anyone could ever be sure of staying ahead of the curve when it comes to detection rules & definitions, as I understand when ESET was looking for business partners to give...
It has only been catching potentially dangerous files for Windows, however the company which I work for has made the choice to move all mission critical applications over to OS X Server after we had preformed a security & cost analysis of our implementation of Windows Server, it was not fiscally responsible to keep Windows in the loop any-longer with regard security, maintenance related to security costs & exploits. We have significantly added to our OS X install base, to...
I have been using virus/malware protection for about a year now on my Apple computers for that very reason, nothing will stay immune form this junk for long. I am running a version from ESET NOD32, it's amazingly easy on system resources, we have also been testing it on two segregated OS X servers and it's been bullet proof for 6 months now, there is also a remote manager that can manage installations across your complete network PC's & Mac's It's worth check it out...
Apple's act is a very simple one for you to make a decision on then mate, don't buy an iPhone. Problem solved.
It's just like Christmas for Apple Geeks !!! My wife seen this story and emailed it to me, she kindly slipped in some instructions to purchase her a new toy for the office ! Me on the other had got to pick out my office gift last time \ Exciting !!!
Okay, so now I am going to make flavored popcorn to watch the WWDC Keynote, extra special treat.
You must be crazy, Bill Gates like him or not was an excellent business man & was the driving force behind his company that changed many things for us today.I am the proud owner of a substantial amount of AAPL, I am very pleased to see this recent news for Apple However you must not belittle "Sleazy comment" people for the great things that have come from the hard work of their hands.
Agreed mate, I mean who is Yahoo anyhow? Yahoo is such a 90's thing..... I mean for me anyhow the companies products have no appeal, and I can not see them fitting into my digital life.
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