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Make a blue one !!! It would be kinda cool to see different colors to choose from.
Good bye BootCamp partition !!!! Christmas comes early, I am keeping my fingers crossed for a quick release !
Totally agree to remove the banners along the top/bottom Nothing pisses a person off more when you are taken to a so called "Streamlined" version of a website.... All mobile websites that I have encountered SuCk the big one
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming to WWDC we had to cancel the product launches because Vietnam got a fake memo telling them to release them all... But there is one more thing..... "Sorry"
Thanks very much for the tip, I am going to try that out as soon as the kids are out of the house this morning. It would still be nice for Apple to give the whole idea a little magic & simplicity though
As soon as I logged into to MM it asked me if I would like to join, in under ten minutes I received an invite. It's odd they are being so choosey eh.....
I thought there servers were going to catch fire when I first used it HAHA It's lightning quick and smooth just like on my iMac, fine work from Apple.... I hope there are a few more goodies up their sleeves for MM come June
I would love to purchase a family pack; however I believe Apple should give the purchasing account the option to administer the other five computers in his/her home, office or wherever they might be. It would be so helpful when I am away on business and my son is having a problem if I can use back to my Mac to get into his computer to fix it, all five of the accounts are their own distinctive accounts. There should be something in the "Family Pack" that gives the...
Wonder if Apple should start it's own streaming service with popular TV entertainment? Pretty much have all of the companies on payroll now, so what's a few more content negotiations ?
Wow they were not kidding, it's much faster !!! I like the new layout as well. Excellent !
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