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Google totally flushed 12 billion down the toilette, Motorola was the worst purchase ever. This is delicious, I would be right out of control pissed off if I were a major shareholder.
Here is a hot clue for you mate, Chrysler never had ANY good technology, none, that is why Daimler kicked them to the curb, because they sucked, there was nothing to strip from Chrysler accept numbers off balance sheets from black into red ink; Chrysler was a complete deadweight company. Fiat jumped into bail them out just like our governments had to... waste of money.
Please provide a link, my 2012 5 Series Sedan has shitty iPhone integration.....
I just hope they release new MacPro's soon, I need to replace 4 of them that are feeling their age.
So when Apple's findings are proven will there be vindication in the media?.... probably not.
I must say for prerelease software this is probably the least buggy version of OS X I have ever tested when it comes from the Developer Site; it seems very efficient and did speed up my test bed machine. This feature is a good idea.
No as much as the world hates you yanks already though for putting your noses where they have no business. USA and China have a love hate relationship; face it you are both fucked without each other.
Ballmer said at the 2009 Financial Analyst Meeting, "but when you get right down to it, it's a rounding error" Story Delicious Tasting Stab In The Back!
Apple purchased a Ram Designing/Engineering company, the company they purchased is fabless.
If it goes to $525, I'll be selling out & Breakdancing all the way to the bank haha!
New Posts  All Forums: