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Android is such an abortion of a product....... I would be totally pissed if I were stupid enough to purchase anything with Android on it; and then not being able to update it...... Fail !
I switched to QuickBooks 2010 and I love it !
Go to Vegas and put it all on red ;-)
The puck finally caught up to you Steve, you were always one play ahead of the game. Thank you for the best 30 years of my computing life!
I feel like putting on sad music and opening a bottle of scotch now \ Thanks for the awesome ride Steve, all the best in the future mate.
What delicious news first thing in the morning... Ah today is a little bit brighter all of a sudden
No big surprise here.....
Last time I purchased an AppleTV or three; they were $99 each, not $300.
Of course he is a defender of RIM; the company he works for is the third largest holder of RIM stock, it's Mike's job to make RIM sound good so RBC can get their money out of a dead horse.
New Posts  All Forums: